Time for New Era in Arkansas Football

When I say Arkansas FB, I mean the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University Football. For years AD Broyles wouldn’t hear of a Hog vs Arkansas State FB Game. Along comes Jeff Long and from what I understand, Broyles insisted Long not consider a U of A, and ASU FB game.
Now there is no reason these two teams cannot schedule a yearly game.
Arkansas each year has scheduled 3 cupcake teams and this year, paid those 3 teams 3.5 million dollars to come to AR and lose. Now those three teams have no intention of losing when they come here (as East Carolina proved this year).
The years old argument of not scheduling the Hog’s and now the ASU Red Wolves, because it would dilute the State’s FB Fan base, doesn’t hold water anymore. Maybe in years past when travel in the State wasn’t as easy as it is now, but no more. AR has a population of over 3 million people, the same as Oregon does. Oregon State and the U of Oregon sit just 40 miles apart. If ever a State would have a diluted FB Fan Base, it would be Oregon. A Fan has to first make a donation to their school, just to be able to buy a ticket for this game. Standing room only for this game, every year.
Now Consider just a few of the instate rivalries around us, MS vs MS State, OK vs OK State, Texas vs Texas State.
Pay 2 Cupcake teams if you must, but add the ASU Red Wolves into the yearly schedule ( hack pay the Red Wolves as the 3rd Team ) But don’t call them a Cupcake. They sure aren’t.
If the U of A won’t do this and use the age old excuse of " because that’s the way it’s been ", isn’t an excuse anymore. It’s a cop out. Give the Arkansas FB Fans of these two great schools the game they have been begging for. I guarantee a standing room only sellout of any stadium in AR this game would be scheduled for.

Oh geeze…not this again. We have more important things to worry about than playing your Indian Red Wolves.

Sure Sarge, personally I don’t see any real problems with playing this game, but he UofA probably won’t because it doesn’t want to do anything to give rise to any program within the states borders.
I like most don’t believe that it should be that big of a deal because ASU will never be completely on equal footing with the UofA in terms of fan base, storied history, National brand and conference affiliation.
I’m not saying that ASU isn’t a nice University or have a loyal fan base, but it’s not the UofA and never will be.
That being said I would like to see this non-conference game added to the schedule in a 3 year rotation along with UCA and UAPB. It’s not like we don’t play teams from these In-State teams conferences so I believe it’s only natural to add these teams to the mix on a yearly basis.
Look around the country and you find schools like Ohio State play many schools within its borders, same with UK, LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Tennessee and Florida.

I mean let’s be honest about it, there shouldn’t be any reason for the UofA to fear these games because it would be like it is with all those other States Flagship Programs a very rare occasion that they would actually loose a home game to any of these schools, and the rare occasion that it might wouldn’t mean the collapse of everything.
Remember back in Nolan’s early years and the Hogs lost to ASU in the NIT Tournament? What did that do to diminish the UoA’s or Elevate ASU’s programs?
I believe the answer is obvious, Nothing!

It would be nice, hope the new admistration just goes ahead and takes this step.

Arkansas beat ASU in the NIT.

My point is it really doesn’t matter, the UofA is the Flagship and we can play them and it won’t hurt anything, period.
Might as well play them all since we play scrubs from their conferences.
They are all scrubs that aren’t at the UofA level and never will be.

Hey, Sarge. You can satisfy your urge to watch ASU play next Saturday in Jonesboro. Go buy a ticket. They need more like you in order to get more than 15,000 there.

Hahaha…Troy is gonna destroy ASU.

It’s a Very Good Thing to have In State Football Rivalry Game’s. It’s good for the Overall Football Fanbase in the State and Competition is what make’s Champion’s.

Look at University of Alabama and University of Auburn. Sure the Fan Base is Divided, but that’s the Beauty of it, and Help’s all that much more to Promote Football in Alabama. One of the 1st Question a young person is asked when they move to Alabama, is Who You For, Auburn or Alabama, got to choose, one way or the other. :slight_smile: Great Rival’s that Play once a year, and This year Dominate the Western Division.

Look at Univ. Of Florida and Florida State. Great Rival’s and play once a year.

It’s amazing to me that so many with Big Mouth’s can’t see past the tip of their Nose.

Sure Arkansas is at a CrossRoad’s Right now, and that is a Good Thing. You’ve now got the Opportunity to Turn Loseing into Winning. Turn Disrepect into Respect for Hog Football.

Now is a Great Time and Opportunity for Hog Football, but You’ve got to Stop Whimpering, Whineing, and Help get your FootBall Program Turned around.

A Great In State Rivalry was played today in Alabama, and an Upset. That’s Competition and the way that it should be in the SEC. Alabama could have won the Day, but Auburn wanted the Win more and showed it on the Field. Sure Alabama got some bad break’s, but that’s Football. If you want to win, You’ve got to Win convinceingly, then there is no question’s about what if.

I’m hopeful that Arkansas will get the Leadership that it need’s to be a Great Competitor in College Football again. With the Right Leadership, it should be able to be done in 3 Year’s.

Football has to be cultured and In State Rivalry’s is a Very Good Thing.

I think it would be a good game for War Memorial every year


Why the fear in playing the “The Little Brothers” instate D1 Football programs?
There is no more reason to fear playing ASU, UCA or UAPB than playing Florida A&M, Loiusiana Monroe or Texas State.

I personally don’t see any problem with playing all of them in a permanent 3 year rotation and make that game the token game in Little Rock and that would totally satisfy the masses that want or need that game in Central Arkansas every year.

I was born and raised in Arkansas and I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of any young kid proclaim that he has always wanted to be a Red Wolf, Bear or Golden Lion, maybe you have?
However, most kids grow up dreaming of being a Razorback and playing the games won’t change that, period.

This thread is amazing. There is more interest among several here to have ASU patronized, than in Arkansas improving its program and becoming respected again in the SEC.

When Arkansas reaches the point that it’s yearly goal becomes infatuation with ASU, and winning that game, then there is no need to worry with the SEC anymore.

I won’t throw rocks at this recurring suggestion. Personally, I don’t care one way or another. I would just as soon lose to ASU as to The Citadel or Toledo, should we plumb the depths of embarrassment again. I’m hoping and praying that Razorback Football can regain its competitive edge and historic pride and have done with the underachievement shenanigans of the recent era.

Personally, I feel we have had enough Errors in Arkansas football. No need for more of the same.