Thoughts on the offer made to Malzahn

It may just be me, but if the 7 year 50 million offer is correct, that’s ridiculous. No coach, except in extreme circumstances(Saban) is worth that much money. Malzahn is a good coach, but hasn’t done anything to deserve that kind of offer. I would much rather we get a very good coach for less and us that extra money to hire very good coordinators who can recruit. Just my opinion.

Frost signed a 7 year 35 million deal at Nebraska, and he is unproven as a P5 coach. Ridiculous the salaries going around in CFB.

My thought is he was our best shot to return to relevance.

Well we put the offer out there. We can all now exhale and no more Gus talk. I also believe that Gus knows he can’t do here what he can do there and his best shot to get a NC is there. Gus rolled the dice and he won.