Thoughts on Long/Bielema longevity

I think we can give up any thoughts of either leaving Razorback athletics anytime soon. Thanks to the FBI led basketball scandal. And, IMO, anything to the contrary is a waste of time and bandwidth. May as well give it a complete rest regardless of what BB produces on the field. For someone who adamantly believe BB is not what we need to even get competitive with the second-tier in the SEC, I’m giving it up.

Some solace, IMO, may come from the 2018 W/L record, but only if BB can get a couple of OL starters (JCs) in the 2018 recruiting class. The OL has to be significantly improved and Enos has to develop his big QB. He’s no where near ready, but then a year gives a young player lots of time for growing up.

If BB puts together and OL, 2018, could be a 10 win regular season, with the blessing of wins over A&M and LSU. Tall order, yes, but possible with where each program is currently.

Whatever the on-field record is, however, will not matter regarding BB’s tenure at Arkansas, IMO. He’s here until he wants to leave. And, we have the basketball scandal to thank for that. Might have been anyway.

PS: Need to clear something up. I, as I stated up above, will not be advocating for BB’s departure anytime soon.
Wasted breath, however, that doesn’t mean I will lay off when I see the futility with his recruiting results, game day coaching, losing needless games, (like A&M year after year) etc., etc., etc.