Those kids played with heart today

Sadly, a really good human being, and one of the finest people in the world “MIKE ANDERSON” left this team willfully tiny. Doubt it was on purpose, but for whatever reason, this is the smallest Razorbacks team maybe ever. They fought to the last second.

The players need to do a better job of elevating their play, when the crowd gets involved. That’s the benefit of playing at home, when it gets loud, you put out more effort than ever.

Crylipari is one big time cry baby. It’s one thing to work the refs, and another thing to disrupt the game. His prejudice had him disrupting the game, literally from the start to he was booted.

Good game, Arkansas has to get a little more size, and way more speed on defense. Arkansas is going to be a tough little out for someone as this journey continues this season though. All of these things are correctable. For example, rebounding was decent in the 2nd half.

No argument about CMA. Great guy. Having said this, I am thrilled with Coach Muss. I love his passion and, let’s face it, the man can flat coach. The Hogs are on the way back. I will be shocked if they are not in the elite eight year after next.

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