This should be the nail in the coffin

This should be the nail in the coffin. any thoughts?

It might take the firing of Long to get Bielema fired!

I promise you the boosters will not put up with this. If it’s a package deal then so be it.

Disgrace!!! He shouldn’t even be allowed to Coach this week. Fire his A** now!!! The players don’t even care anymore at this point. He’s garbage!!!

Not sure what … you may be right … but something is wrong on this team. Too many ‘a’ list players for a product like this.

Bielema couldn’t motivate a choir to sing on Easter Sunday. The guy can’t coach, it’s that simple. These kids don’t need another friend, they need a coach…

“A list players”? Names and numbers please.

Just a thought, but Bielema didn’t make our boys throw pick 6’s.

Please rewind the game and watch it. good grief…

You are absolutely RIGHT, He didn’t make them do a Dam Thing, and He Taught them LESS THAN THAT.

You Guy’s have a Junior High School Coach at best.

Instead of Teaching Your Team how to Win, he has destroyed Your Foot Ball Team and Program. It will need to be Rebuilt from Scratch Now. And You Still Support this Bozo?

I Truly Think that Troy University could whoop the Crap out of the Razorback’s now. I better stop, cause the Hog’s are playing so bad now, that they really arn’t worth talking about.

Like I said before Hog Tie the Head Coach and the Goucho that Hired him, Put them in a Boxcar Headed Back Up North.

The Hog’s were playing better before this Head Coach came on board. Instead of helping your program, he has driven it into the DITCH. I can’t say it any plainer than that.

I was really glad when Arkansas joined the SEC, but if this continue’s, it wouldn’t surprise me, if Arkansas was voted out. You Guy’s better Wake Up, and Realize that Your Driver is Asleep at the Wheel.

Why are you even on here?

Why are you on here, Rideing Your High Horse, Talking Down to me? Smart Ass, I am a Fan of Arkansas too. What You think that you can tell someone, anyone who has the Right to Post here? If you are a Fan of Your Coach, then You are as Dumb as he is.

You disrespect me, and I’ll disrespect YOU, PUNK.

Hahahaha. You must be some 8th grade kid - my bad. I didn’t mean to disturb your late night online time. I’m sure it helps build your confidence, and allows you to interact with others in a social setting which you are not familiar. Life gets better, you’ll break free from the immature settings that you currently face. You’ll make some friends, but you’ll need to work on your aggressive attitude. I’m sure your parents will have some talks with you about all that. Keep typing away and learning as you go.

Stay away from drugs. That stuff never works to your advantage no matter how many others say such. Also, you’ll be able to control your erections in due time. That crap about going blind isn’t true. Studies have shown as much. Use both hands or your arm will look disfigured over time.

Try to use your down time to work on your sentence structure and grammar too. Your comments are all over the place. Possessive use of sentences, then masculine, then oberlyn - you are all over the place. That’s what tipped me off to your 8th grade education.

Also, Punk has not been used as a derogatory statement since the 50’s. Don’t listen to your grandfathers’ slang.

as these conversations can do, you went too far - (… voted out). Folks make decent arguments then their summation gets silly.

Good Grief People. Show some maturity …

What on God’s green earth are you talking about?

First, if you’re not a fan, please leave.

Second, anyone who wants Long fired is an idiot.

Third, since you’re not a fan, you don’t know the debacle of before he got here, we were NOT playing any better.

Fourth, he has helped the program from where it was, but at this point, it’s not much better.

Fifth, voted out? Get real.