This season

If we win one more game, I think we will, it will be a decent season. If we win both games, which we may, it will be a very good season.

Anyone who thinks this team should have won ten or eleven games, GET REAL

If we win one more game, I think we will, it will be a decent season. If we win both games, which we may, it will be a very good season.

Anyone who thinks this team should have won ten or eleven games, GET REAL
[/quote] Adjectives as decent & very good are ill placed to describe a football team that quits continuously on the field. A 10 win season was a realistic fan expectation with what happened in the Florida game. Instead the fans get another Bielema gift wrapped blow out. You enjoy Bielema blow outs and losing to Toledo? Maybe so?? It is our future with Bielema.


Dunno about Bielema. I figured he has about 2-3 more years to right the ship. Once the $160 luxury box is completed and we keep getting blown out, then he will be on the hot hot seat. To me, he runs a clean program but the defense has really gone downhill this year. I predicted 7-5 this year but was hoping for more wins. :frowning:

I like the guy, but his purpose here isn’t for me to like him. I desperately want him to be successful over the long-term. Here is a simple assessment of how I feel about possible outcomes of this season.

Regular Season Record:

6 - 6 = Tackle for loss
7 - 5 = Punt
8 - 4 = First down. Headed in the right direction.

I just don’t see a loss as Auburn giving up historic records defensively and then the LSU big flop in front of a home crowd as anything heading in the right direction. Unless you mean eventual firing. I know this dude is probably here for two more years. However I would already bet his dismissal then is assured.

Can any of you that have a few years under your belts imagine Eddie Sutton or Nolan Richardson basketball teams sleep walking Bielema style through a basketball game? Sutton would have went ballistic and pulled out all the hair in his afro and you could have heard Richardson still hollered while headed to your car outside Bud Walton.

It would seem to me that some expect this coach, CBB, to be a clone of someone else. It would appear to me that each coach has a different style. Insofar as judging retaining/firing right now this end-of-season, I say the EOS will reveal to us the answer to that statement. If CBB equals/exceeds the number of wins year-over-year then we retain. That would indicate the program is on the right track IMHO. HOGS YA’LL.

I don’t expect him to do anything but what he promised. Compete for SEC Championships. Not field defenses that are the worst over the last several decades of Power Five football. Who is he cloning there?

If we finish 8-4, I still consider this season as a step backward. We were competitive in every game we lost last year but this year we were blown out in all those games. This is a huge step backward!

Low expectations are the key to everything.

The Hogs were 8-5 last year. The possibility they can still equal or slightly better that season record at 9-4 is a very hot contention point with a a few fans on this board. Hot in the context that they believe it will show progress in this program for Bielema’s sake.

This program has not yet finished 9-4. I think the odds are heavily against it.

Anyhow, a highly competitive team finishing 9-4 in the SEC would be no issue of heavy consternation towards a head coach with me. Broyles use to be a man that harped & preached the word “competitive”. It was what Broyles stressed far more than the act of winning.

I think Broyles was tapping into a psychological landscape pertaining to a mental reality. Competitiveness win or lose breeds hope most importantly within a team but also throughout the fan base.

Bielema with these horrible defensive stats and these blow out losses is failing in competitiveness as well as on the scoreboard. This program therefore has no chance for improvement this year. It has already slid irretrievable backwards by not being competitive in far too many games. Bielema needs to get this team competitive in the immediate seasons ahead. He is failing badly any way you logically cut it. A pity that a few fans just cannot see that.

Seeing as how I was on the bench with Coach Sutton for four years and Coach Richardson for two, I don’t have to imagine it.

I was there for some clunkers - especially Coach Richardson’s first two years, but obviously for far more success under Coach Sutton.

This year has been subpar. There is no other way to put it.

But let’s don’t have revisionist history and don’t like it hasn’t happened under almost every coach in the main sports here

To sum up you think that 8-5 is a failure and 9-4 is a “competitive in the SEC team”. If the team finishes 9-4 this season then you will write a retraction of all this then get-rid-of-CBB stuff. Look I don’t mean to be picky here but I just say we wait until the END of the season and look at whole picture together. IF-we lse the next two games then maybe we take a fresh look at the football team as a whole including the coaches and talk about the possibilities. Look no matter how -let’s see how did you put it-“no matter how you cut it” a 9-4 record is an improvement. HOGS YA’LL.

You are picking. You have been getting under my posts with the wait junk for three days. Wait for what? This team’s defensive unit to perhaps slightly improve from dead last in yards allowed per rush in all D1 football? Maybe not be the sorriest defense in rushing yards allowed per rush in Power Five football since 2000? If that much pitifully applaudable success does happen?? You just go hang your dunce cap on it.

Of course you are correct. Arkansas doesn’t have the recruiting base to average more than 50% wins in the SEC regardless of who the coach is. However, most fans, don’t accept that so they have unrealistic expectations. Nevertheless, sometimes things just fall in place so one in 20 Arkansas may win 11 games.

Apparently you have forgotten the earlier Eddie and Nolan years…

Richardson had several very bad years immediately after his hire. I think mostly due to the consuming tragedy within his family that was created by the slow agonizing death of a child. However Sutton started out fast with the triplets. I think you need to look back and refresh the old memory. Sutton players had DEFENSE written on the backside of their practice shorts.

Horrible defense like we are now seeing in football was never put out by these coaches on a basketball court. I have tried to watch these football games as closely as one can on a TV. The only defensive coach I see hollering from the sidelines is Hargreaves at his LB’s. Enos is hollering on the offensive side. I don’t think the other defensive coaches and Bielema much care.

I am afraid he is Houston Nutt 2.0. :lol:

This is hilarious… Would love to watch you unpack that gem, please do. :lol: