This may sound nuttier than Lil Kim’s Twitter account, but

I don’t think we should fire the coach. We can’t be firing people all the time, got to give them at least 4 yrs to start winning, or who else is going to want the job?

The recruiting isn’t bad considering how awful we’ve been on the field. If they can just simply get to 6 wins, I think this guy can recruit at a high level, and start winning.

If they can quit turning the ball over, they could be competitive in these games. You cannot win turning the ball over like that at any level, not even Pee Wee!

There are some players in place that have a chance to do something in this game in the future…

Unfortunately Arkansas just has to be patient and hope that he can get it to 6 wins, and then he can sell the program to kids on a wider scale, and turn this ship around.

Just my opinion, don’t shoot me, please!

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I don’t have a loaded gun and I sure don’t plan on shooting anybody. The reality is our HOGS won’t beat Auburn, Alabama or LSU in the near future!
The Hogs should not be getting beat by Kentucky, Ole Miss, Miss St, Texas A&M and Missouri in conference play.
The non conference games like SJS should not happen.
This staff needs to show they are willing to play the young QB’s are see what they can do! The 2 grad transfers have been a complete disappointment and that’s part of their recruiting and evaluation that they missed on! They ran off 2 QB’s that both were tough as nails and fought hard and we would have been better off with either one of them or both of them!
We lack speed on defense and it shows! Recruiting is where the speed comes from but you have to show some positive results on the field to ever attract top talent than can compete in the SEC!
These last 4 games if they start Hicks and Starkel they have given up! I have no reason to believe those 2 can compete and win in the SEC! Start the young guys and see what they can do because next season you will need answers at QB!

I agree with patience, but the reality is if Morris gets a third year then he has to get to a bowl game or there won’t be a 4th year.

To reach a bowl game next season he better review some tape of the past 2 years and correct his mistakes as well as figure out his QB fix this season was a complete failure and use these next 4 games to find a QB for the future!
He will also need wins over Missouri, Ole Miss and Miss St plus the non conference games because in my opinion he won’t have the hogs ready to beat Alabama, Auburn, LSU or Texas A&M! I sure hope at some point they will bring the A&M game back to campus. Play a non conference game in Dallas.
Patience is one thing but CCM needs to come up with some answers.

I was kind of wondering when I saw all of these QB’s transfering to Arkansas, who was going to transfer again.

I don’t know if the Jones kid is ready to start, I would have to see him at practice. But Starkel definitely isn’t going to get it done. I would roll with the Jones kid, and see where that goes. At the least we know he’s going to have a pretty good QB coach, and some pretty good facilities to get ready in, in the off season.

They need a change of pace speed back. And some pass rushers, better secondary. And they need to create turnovers and not give them away.

I don’t necessarily agree with you General. I just think at this point, the smarter option would be to give him 4 yrs to get a winner, a winner being 6 wins. If that doesn’t happen, then Arkansas should be able to get a good coach from elsewhere.

Arkansas needs to quit thinking about the big picture, bowl games, etc. And try and win 1 play at a time, 1 set of downs at a time, 1 QRTR at a time, and then 1 game at a time.

The SEC West is probably the toughest division in college football yr after yr, no coach worth anything is going to come here, unless they have some kind of long term guarantees. IMHO

I agree with you on this. This team should be way better next year. I haven’t looked but how many turnovers have turned into points? Also, we were in most games except for Bama and Auburn. Good recruits are here and more are coming. I’m seeing good things on the horizon. Don’t shoot the messenger. :joy::joy:

Tell me Who is the Razorback QB next season that has experience at the D1 level? Tell me how much better our O-Line will be next year and what type of quality depth we may have when currently we don’t have 1 O-Line recruit commit.
Lastly, look at our schedule next season and tell all of us how we will get to 6 wins next season?
For goodness sakes, we are getting beat on Homecoming in the 3rd Quarter 45-10 by a bad MSU team.
Its time for many of you with rose colored glasses to wake up and smell the actual roses…Hog Football is Dead and may be for the long haul…I hate to think that, but its gotten so bad that I’m starting to not even care anymore.

Go Hogs!