This is going to be ugly tonight

Tennessee may score 100 on Arkansas. Arkansas can’t shoot against physical teams, they’re too SOFT…

I don’t disagree that we could use more inside presence and physical play.

However, I just don’t think there is any way to call who wins these SEC games at this point. It’s all over the place, and many teams haven’t even found their identities yet. I don’t think we will even know the contenders from the pretenders until the conference tournament. I know Kentucky looks like crap, but I think they get their act together eventually. My only hope is that it’s not before we have to play them.

I think we’re just as likely to win tonight as we are to lose. If we shoot even a mediocre rate, we win that Missouri game–inside presence or not.

Wow! Hyperbole is one thing, but like I stated on another thread, Arkansas’ style of play could be a problem for Tennessee. I’m not guaranteeing a victory but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkansas puts on a show against Tennessee and walks away a winner.

I’m with you general. Ain’t got ugly yet btw.

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