This is coming kids...get ready.

The Chad Morris Offense explained and it is exciting.


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I think I will wait until I see them in a game. On paper they are all great.

I think I will wait until I see them in a game. On paper they are all great.[/quote:iupawdk0]

I just love our fans.

Hit that line! Hit that line!
Keep on going!

Na…I’ll just wait until they win!

I’m a T-shirt fan! I’m a T-shirt fan!
I won’t cheer for anything!


I think I will wait until I see them in a game. On paper they are all great.[/quote:3blmash0]

I just love our fans.

Hit that line! Hit that line!
Keep on going!

Na…I’ll just wait until they win!

I’m a T-shirt fan! I’m a T-shirt fan!
I won’t cheer for anything![/quote:3blmash0]

Well said, evidently some of these idiots don’t understand the concept of a message board. I appreciate your posts and trying to drop knowledge but some curmudgeon’s just don’t have a clue.

I remember when they brought in an NFL guy, Otis Douglas to provide a more exciting system, it flopped badly, but Bowden Wyatt followed with the single wing and won the SWC. And Ken Hatfield’s boring option system seemed to have won a few games. Gee, Nutt’s boring run offense played for the SEC championship, so forgive me for not getting real excited about any offense until it is in fact, on the field.

So, you did not read the article nor are you informed on the type of offense that Morris installed at Clemson, which is based on the triple option and the veer run out of a spread but you feel compelled to curmudgeonly plop down this tripe? deleted-BBH

Good job.

Well…back after a long time away. It seems to me that CCM will install an exciting offense that will score points no doubt. Up tempo offenses are tough to handle no doubt. But…
anyone remember what happened to the wide open offense that Petrino ran when it ran into the top two defenses in the SEC at the time? Yep…those would be losses to Alabama and
LSU. So…I like the wide open left lane concept as much as the next guy and if CCM gets one of the best DC’s in the football world and recruits some of the BEST players then I say we are looking good to contend in the SEC west. If not, then CCM is looking in the mirror and kidding himself and he’ll be praying for the last possession on offense. WPS.

Somebody better start talking about some defense. Offense may put people in seats, but DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Tonight before Colts / Broncos game. Michael Irvin was asked what did the Colts need to do this offseason. His reply was to get the offense fixed, first to score points and then you can take the time to build defense. Why would he think that? Because that is just what Jimmy Johnson & Jerry Jones did when they got Aikman, Smith and Irvin.

Now I agree the DC is important and needs to be named ASAP, but don’t see the rush if not. We hope that is NOT the SMU DC and we hope that it will be a DC that is still coaching. Between you and me, dump the 3-4 and we may suddenly have a stout defense. I like our Safety and DBs, they just can’t contain SEC calibre and potent WR’s all day.

I will take 11- 1 and 10-2 seasons all day Long if we never play a lick of defense. May I remind you those losses were to eventual National Champions. Who’s to say Petrino would not have got a Bama like defense given that he had back to back Top 10 AP finishes. Nobody in Big 12 plays defense including OU.

I don’t wish to say defense is not important, but it can only help you win Championship provided the offense can score. If you wish to build a team that can win 12 - 9 then it conservative ball that we just had an excruciating 5 years of watching. I hope to never see again at the UA.

Change has come, help is here, let Chad do his thing. Arkansas is already starting to be a buzz in Dallas at the water coolers.

Enthusiasm is great. Name calling and bulling show a couple of things, that IMO, are not necessary to get your point across. And if you can’t, you should give up the insulting comments anyway.

If you self identify as an idiot then that’s on you. Personally, I don’t care to post on this site again.

Remember, I said I like the left lane full throttle offense just like anyone else. Just saying he has got to make a very good DC hire. He might be able to lay 35-40pts
on 'bama and LSU , but defense is going to have to be stout or we’ll still lose by 7-10pts. That’s just my gut feeling. Nope…I don’t want the SMU DC either.WPS.

Once again, if you self identify as an idiot… And let’s be honest, I’ve read your moronic posts, there is nothing I can do for you.

If the Mods have a problem then send me a message… But I honestly feel you all do a horrible job for the most part. Is intelligent conversation here so damn hard?

Intelligent conversation is encouraged. You should try it some time, without the name calling and four-letter words. I’m a mod and this is my message.

Always a chip on your shoulder Swine… Personally I used to think you were decent but looking at your latest posts I think your a bit of a jerk. And show me the 4 letter letter words Girlfriend? And you are the idiots that let oinkbait back? Can’t take you seriously.

Seems like you parade around as a former journalist… So who were you?

One cannot have intelligent conversation with human garbage… What would like for me to do? Be a douche like yourself with grandiose statements that seriously lack self awareness like,“I’m a mod and this is my message.” Get over yourself, send me a pm if you are so troubled.

Come on kid… You want to throw your weight around… Who are you Swine?