This defense ...

I’ve been a Hog fan for 59 years and I have never seen a more massively inept defense. At halftime, with the way the D is playiing, I predicted that MSU would probably score at least 28 points. There’s 5 minutes left in the game and I’m not gonna be far off. Even this MSU running QB is having his way passing. Absolutely no unit is bowing up and making plays … DBs, LBs, DLine, nobody. Awful.

Yes, MSU just scored probably for the last time. What a bunch of Hog wusses.

Do you realize that all an opposing team has to do is stop the Ark offense 2-3 times and they will probably win the game just by being able to score at will.

Someone please tell me he DC is gone after this season is over.

Robb Smith should have been fired DURING the Auburn game.

Enos should be given the same money that smith makes and smith should be placed in the witness relocation program.

I agree the defense stinks. I f the offense struggles ANY tonight we lose. Thankfully the offense was hitting on all cylinders. How about RW3? The OL looked pretty good tonight also. HOGS YA’LL.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish we had Vandy’s defense. We would have won 9-10 games already.

While I agree on a lot of these issues about the Defense, look at it this way guys, it was better than MSU’s defense tonight! Which is what really matters for this game. See, now you can enjoy the win a little bit more!!!.. lol

Based on what CBB said at the presser after the game about changes in the defense this offseason, does that mean Smith is gone?

Well…I hope there will be a major change on the defensive staff. CBB gets a little time here(season over and after the bowl game)to make the changes. I thought that AA played fairly well whenever the OL gave him alittle time like at Miss. St. I now think the OL is playing a little better and special teams are playing better if the Miss. St. game is any indicator. HOGS YA’LL.

I wouldn’t look for any changes until after the bowl game.