Things Chad Morris needs to do to become competitive in the SEC

  1. Get a dual threat QB, that can run.

  2. Get way more speed on Defense, those boys are just too slow.

  3. Coach on instinct! If one QB, RB, WR, isn’t playing well, switch them out. It’s not like any of these guys are a young Mahomes or Rodgers, go to the bullpen as many times as necessary. Ego turns teams and players into losers quicker than anything. Ask AB, he’s lost millions because of Ego.

  1. K.J. Jefferson is our only DT QB we have and everything I’ve read says the ceiling is very high for him. Ask the writers on that one.

  2. Again, ask the writers on that.

  3. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but it does question if Hicks should have come in last week when Starkel was having a bad game.

The one thing that needs to be considered is the simple fact we have 53 freshmen or red shirt freshmen on the roster. Experience and game action is what it takes to improve!
The QB position may be vital on offense but the depth and speed of the defense especially on the back end is what has cost the hogs the last 2 games! Not being able to get off the field on 3rd down to stop the SJS late game winning drive and at the end of the first half against Texas A&M and in the 4th quarter!

I would label Chandler Morris a DT too.

I agree, the Defense is just way too slow for CFB, Auburn’s speed is going to run for 1000yds on Arkansas. Arkansas gets like 4-5 recruits a yr that have athletic ability, and 3 of them get a big head, because they haven’t played anyone in high school, and go somewhere else. KJ Hill is a good example, if he had just stayed in state, dealt with the competition of the SEC, even though the losing would suck, get use to it, it happens a lot in the NFL. He would be a top prospect now for the NFL. Now with as avg of a SR SEASON he’s having, he will not even go in the 1st round. That football in the Big Ten softened him up. Oh State has so much more talent than everyone else, he lost his competitive drive. He’ll be selling used cars in LR in 4 yrs…

You do realize KJ leads Ohio St in receptions and is tied for the lead in TD’s by WR. He also hasn’t played a complete game, yet. They’ve all been blow outs where the second team has got work.

Yep, he’s tied for the lead on a team ranked 56th nationally in receiving. And currently he’s being scouted as the 9th best receiver in the draft.

If he had stayed at Arkansas, and had 1 good game against a Defense like Alabama’s in 4 yrs, much like he will see every week in the NFL, if by some miracle he makes a 53 man roster as a 4th round pick, his NFL stock would be substantially higher.

He got really bad advice from someone coming out of high school. If you want to play on Sunday’s, you do it against Alabama and LSU, and you WILL play on Sunday’s. He’ll still get drafted, but he will have to show out in camp to make a 53.

The last five drafts #9 WR taken, all made rosters:

2019 - Dionte Johnson - Pittsburgh Steelers

2018 - Michael Gallup - Dallas Cowboys

2017 - ArDarius Stewart - New York Jets (played 2017)

2016 - Chris Moore - Baltimore Ravens

2015 - Devin Funchess - Panthers

What on earth does that have to do with the time of day in Toledo? LOL???

The point is, it’s easier to make a roster as a 1st or 2nd rounder, as a top 5 receiver in the SEC, than it is anything past the 3rd round, especially coming from a conference where the competition isn’t week to week.

It’s like you’re arguing that it was a wise career choice for him to leave the state, and that’s clearly not the case, if his career is the NFL that is.

But anyway, :v:, time to move along to more important things…

Go get a good DC like Cincinnati Bear Cats young DC . You have to have a good Defense to compete in the SEC

Get an offensive line. Period.

In order based on the team tendencies

  1. Accurate QB. We win two more games this year if the case. Running QB helps RPO but not at the expense of accuracy…* unless we have a dominating line (don’t see that soon)

  2. Improving execution - eliminating mistakes. Freshman and new people starting regardless of age are a big part of the problem.

  3. Oline talent and numbers. We will never play well consistently against the SEC West without a decent oline.

  4. Linebacker speed.

  5. Linebacker coaching/scheme. If they are fast and in the wrong place doesn’t matter.

  6. Secondary speed.

  7. Game day coaching and play calling.

Example: Two first downs on running and short throwing followed by deep 50:50 ball into coverage with inaccurate QBs. Trick plays we can’t execute under game conditions. HUNH that never goes anywhere.