Their joking right, surely it’s a joke, right?

12,500 signatures to hire Petrino??? LOL.

First, he was just fired again from Louisville, not because of something stupid this time, but because the product became so bad on the field, they had no choice.

Second, are you kidding me? I’m a Christian, and I forgive and forget, but come on. God also gave me a brain, and he expects me to use it. How many people by way of raising of your hands, would get a 4th or 5th opportunity at their jobs, if they did something similar? LOL… I know of several that won’t even give a 2nd chance to employees, if they screw up…Not only that, the potential liability is enormous obviously, he does something like that again, and the State will be a Defendant for sure…

Doubt Petrino ever coaches at the P5 level again.

Wishful thinking by a lot of people.

The board would have to change UA policy to rehire him… some peoples kids… :slight_smile: