The Spring Game

I TRULY hope that tomorrow’s Spring “Game” does NOT follow the format of The Bielema Era. I’m very much in hope that it more closely follows an actual game format, - - with understandable exceptions for high-risk scenarios, - such as “Kickoff returns”. A series of contrived, plain vanilla, uninspired, by-the-book situation plays from scrimmage is NOT exciting to me.

Having a major portion of the scoring based upon “field-goal-scoring”, - with graduated, fluctuating scoring increments on behalf of BOTH the offense AND the defense is NOT kosher for yours truly.

PLAY THE GAME, - - - with understandable moderation and precautionary constraints for the sake of the overall protectionist safety and welfare of the players.

I was EXTREMELY grattified to see The Spring Game feature a MUCH truer “real game” format than those of The Bielema Era.

The Defense got the better of the showcased duel, overall; - - but the Offense came on commendably strong in the 4th quarter action.

Jack Lindsey looked pretty darned good for a “bottom-of-the-totem-pole” QB. John Stephen Jones looked very good; he has excellent mobility and “escape” skills, and he’s a very good passer. Daulton Hyatt looked pretty good on a couple of 4th quarter plays. Ben Hicks appeared to me to pretty much play plain vanilla QB (which may have been exactly what he was instructed to do).

Whaley and Curtis both looked good. I was very pleasantly surprised to see Salley score a touchdown towards the end of the game. He was not on my radar.

Trey Knox is a game-changer. He is undeniably “special”. Nash, Gunter and a couple of other receivers looked really good in spots.

Currently, The Defensive side of the ball looks to be the prevalent strength of the team.

I know that today was an in-house scrimmage; - - - but I’m still very much encouraged by what I saw on my TV screen. :smiley: