The SEC is growing weaker in both major sports yr by yr..

The commissioner is going to have to step in and say, look Alabama and Kentucky, you can have this many 5 star athletes, and that’s that. This conference has never been weaker, because the games are rarely competitive anymore. MLB for yrs was basically the same thing. All of the big market teams got all the players, the big market teams won all the time, but the game overall became boring, and people would literally rather watch Survivor or Big Brother than watch a MLB game… Arkansas is going to have half empty stadiums the rest of the yr, or filled with other teams fans, because people aren’t stupid, they can look and see these rosters and say, why on earth and I going to walk up that hill, pay for parking, etc.etc, to watch an noncompetitive game?
Put a max number of 5 and 4 star athletes any one school can have on a roster, and make it a requirement to have a certain amount of players on the roster, that must be coached up…i.e… 2 and 3 star athletes… The competitive balance in college sports between a handful a teams and everyone else has never been this ridiculous. There’s a reason the NFL blows everyone away in total viewers, because when you turn the game on, you don’t know who’s going to win, anyone any week can whoop ya… I looked at the pt spread from Bama vs Vandy last week and literally laughed when I saw two idiots come in and bet for Vandy to come in below the 21 pt spread… I said to myself, are you kidding, Derek Mason is doing a great job, but Vandy’s 3rd string is more talented…
Even though Alabama and Kentucky will whine of course, even they will be better teams, and tougher teams, because they will be in more fist fights. The more fights you get into, the better you’re at it…

**Meant to say Alabama’s 3rd string is more talented, my bad…

That ain’t going to happen, NCAA or conferences will not turn away a player due to his star rating, if they did then you would find that the star ratings would be adjusted in order to get around some rule change like that.
It’s just the way it is, the Tide is on a major run for the time being do to the fact that kids want to play for Coach Saban and have an opportunity to play for championships.
Same thing with Kentucky in hoops at the present time, Coach Callipari has convinced these recruits that they can come form1 year possibly compete for a national championship and be drafted in the 1st round.
The NBA could make an minimum age requirement change and this might be a good result for other teams.

I guess the NCAA could reduce the number of scholarships and they could possibly level the recruiting playing field a bit.
I mean the NFL rosters are 53, why do NCAA teams have close to 100 players. I could see if that number was cut down to say to 70 and max out red/grey shirts at 10. That would break down to 3 deep at every position and 2 deep and kicker/punter.

SEC in basketball is actually getting better and this year might be a loaded year for the conference.

Actually Greaseball made a point last saying it’s not about winning championships it’s about getting his kids ready for the NBA! If there’s a coach more of a joke it’s him. He does less with the most talent! SEC basketball will be stronger.
Football make that judgement after bowl season. Maybe the hogs make the Terd Bowl this year!

When we start paying student atheletes then we can tell them who they can play for and who they can’t, because they are employees. Grant you some atheletes are drawing a check obviously but they are not filing income tax on that money earned you can bet on that!! WPS