The same old broken record

Wow. Shredded by a mostly Freshmen team with lots of injuries. I guess we Could say we were just helping Sumlin save his job. Here we are in year 5 of this grand experiment and we are moving backwards. Yeah, I know. CBB is the best we can get. No coach worth their salt would ever consider coaching in this pathetic backwater. We need to be satisfied with 6 to 7 wins and a minor Bowl maybe every other year. Last point. Have all you CBB apologists had enough yet?

Hey I honestly believe we need to be happy with bowl eligibility every year…9+ wins ever once in a while and NC convo every decade. But today showed me that Bielema will not get us even that low expectation. Another game where we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. We have no killer instinct and play not to lose rather than play to win. I’m done. Time to move on

I’m more than happy to keep CBB. I think he does a great job.

And you are entitled to that Opinion.

A&M has the superior talent, given that they recruit a heckuva lot better than Arkansas. Even though freshmen took the field, the Aggies are loaded with future NFL talent, as compared to Arkansas. I thought the boys played extremely well even though they were overmatched talent-wise. Yes, the broken record of giving up long plays and making bonehead decisions on special teams was again the source of demise for the Hogs. It was a two-headed monster: coaching game management added to lesser talent (but NOT lesser heart and grit). I’ll give CBB and staff a pass on this one, though. Despite these issues, the game could’ve been won. All in all, a good job, imho.

Bielema sucks donkey dicks!!!

Since 2013 under Bielema only UK and Vandy have been worse in the SEC, by 1 game!!

God he’s awful, Fire his ass tonight!!!

How in the world can you keep this horrible coach around another day. 10-23 in SEC now. AWFUL!!

If I performed my job the way these coaches do, I would be ashamed to take my pay check. I would have to find a different job.

I agree. I don’t want another BB type talent, but we could find an up and comer for half his salary that would improve the W/L record.

Hit that line
Hit that line
Bielema’s losing…
Big plays right up the gut

Hard fought game…
350 yards from 5 individual plays
One of the plays, the qb scramble for 70+ yards should have been a touchdown but the ref called it wrong…
The better team won… the team with the most heart took another lump.

1 more loss and my 10-2 koolaid prediction goes to the garbage

Mrs Bielema, please do not post here!!!