The pirate, air raid, and MSU...done?

I just wonder if they win another game. He’s talking about cleaning house over there, and since Barry Odom provided the blueprint on how to defend it. Kentucky held them scoreless.

Publicly airing out that “purging” was going to be done probably doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm on the team.
Good way to completely lose faith.

The guy can win games. If he can make it through this first year without getting himself fired, MSU should be able to compete fairly well while he’s there. But, that’s a big if.

Leach had limited success at TT & WSU but his overall record was not stellar. WSU was in a decline in later yrs of Leach’s term there, & he blamed his players. MSU & players may not have the patience nor tolerate too much of Leach without a quick turnaround. I expect Leach’s tenure at MSU will be short lived.

I’m still feel 100% sure that not hiring Leach was a blessing for the Arkansas program. WPS

Not counting Leach out yet, but glad we’ve got Sam instead. (And wondering how you recruit top-notch running backs to that system.)

Leach doesn’t mind throwing his players under the bus. Did it at Tech, at Wazzu and now.

Can Leach salvage sufficient goodwill by winning the Egg Bowl? With Ole Miss’ defense, that game could be another record breaker. Or even that D can figure out Leach’s four plays and pick off Costello enough to make the MSU folks realize that just doesn’t work in the SEC. Anyway, I’m so glad that weirdo is not here.

Two big Miss Steaks IMHO. Miss Steak was too quick to fire their average Joe coach and Leach and his panty raid Offense should have stayed in Pullman and the Pac 12.

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