The Notre Dame factor

My guess is if Jeff Long decides to retain Bret Bielema, he will point to Notre Dame retaining Brian Kelly this year. Last year the Fighting Irish had a record of 4-8. So far this year, they are 6-1 with their only loss being to Georgia.

Do you think that this comparison is a solid rationale to retain Bret Bielema?

How would you react to such news if we finish strong at 6-6? If you were Jeff Long what would you do?

If he lets Bielema go, would you be in favor of letting him unilaterally choose our next coach or should a committee be appointed (like with Houston Nutt) to make that choice.

IF, Bielema is let go, then a committee needs to be formed because we can’t afford a mistake with a new hire at this point.

I don’t think it is a fair comparison

I don’t think Jeff Long will pull the trigger on cuting Coach B loose! It will take the BOT telling the AD to cut or be cut! Only my opinion ! The reason I’m making that statement is because John Pelphey was let go once attendance fell in the tank. That hasn’t totally happened in football yet!

We will have a pretty good indication tomorrow after the Ole Miss game

A committee is why we ended up with Hootie instead of Tommie Tuberville.


My thought exactly…

Next hire must be able to bring in quality assistants. Are willing to pay the price it takes to compete?

Tubberville said to hire recruiters first, he believes you can get by with a couple of good XnO guys.

The good recruiters can get you the players that will and can play those X’s and O’s.

Agreed and I thought Bielema was following that formula, he had a stellar rep as a recruiter and if you look at the assistants he has hired all were recruiting coordinators at some point in their career however it hasn’t translated to Jimmys n Joes.

If CBB is let go then it’s JL’s decision as to who follows in my thoughts, then if it’s a bad hire you have reason to let JL go. You can’t fire a committee that was only brought together to hire a coach then disperse after the hiring, i also don’t know how this committee is formed or if you hire a outside firm to do a coach search and we’ve seen other schools do that with average success. The way this season is going there’s going to be a bunch of hiring and firing going on and not sure if we would attract many with as many high profile jobs that may be open in all football just not the Sec. If we finish showing some hope I would like to see us keep CBB and make a run at some better coordinators that might be a float in the turmoil of firings. If Penn St lays a old fashioned whipping on Michigan the 7 Million dollar man will be calling U-haul sooner than later. There could be a ND effect who knows, but I bet we have a better idea around 3:00 this afternoon which way the winds blowing! WPS