The next Joe Adams

Will it be Jordan Jones? The kid is fast and he may return kicks and/or punts. That on top of being a downfield threat. Maybe Chase Hayden could return kicks/punts, too. Word is he has that elusiveness that is what you need in that spot.

I’m calling Jarrod Barnes.

T.J. Hammonds…

DeVion Warren

Jarrod Barnes is a freakish athlete. I wonder if he could play corner, he shut down a first round NBA draft pick as a Jr. for Cabot in the state basketball finals when they defeated Malik Monk & Bentonville. Monk was a non-factor for much of the game when Barnes was guarding him as Cabot won the championship. His vertical jump is outstanding, and he is unbelievably elusive. His main problem in high school was he was unafraid to sacrifice his body. Stayed banged up due to being hit every play as QB at Cabot. Should be able to stay healthy as receiver & returner. No Joe Adams, but not far behind.

My hope is for all of these players mentioned by all of you to do their part to help the team. This is a good group of kids