The money

Like most of you, I am dejected about the troubles in our football and basketball programs. I fully supported both CBB, and MA when they were hired. But things have not progressed as I thought they would. It seems we have hit the proverbial ceiling when it comes to success in both sports. Mediocre bowls and making the Tournament maybe twice a decade. This is unacceptable. Things MUST change. But, I fear the Chancellor and board will only act if we, the fans, students, alumni, and donors cut the money off. Enough demands for money with no real results on the field or court! New shinny athletic facilities with the same mediocre results! Will changes occur this year? Probably not. But results MUST improve significantly in both sports next year, or we will need to act by cutting off funding. This seems to be the only language the Chancellor and the board understands.

The game was not the only “train Wreck”. The program at the present time is a “train wreck”.

I think everyone but Hawgtowndawg agrees that major changes have to happen. Both coaches seem to have a problem motivating. Vandy came out last night fired up, and Arkansas looked like they were in a coma. Maybe they thought the fans would motivate them, fans aren’t going to come and watch you after a game like Mizzou, and now Vandy. They’re going to have to win consistently to get fan support consistently.

I would fire Jeff Long, Bielema, Anderson, Dykes, Dave Van Horn, the Vendors, Security, Parking attendants, Arkansas baseball isn’t going to win any SEC games this yr either… Need a complete overhaul, demo it, and start over…

I appreciate the sarcasm but the guy who needs to go is Jeff Long. He simply has created a culture where it’s ok to build incredible facilities with all the amenities but the teams that use them simply don’t have to be that good. It’s analogous to building a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant but the products being produced in that plant are inconsistent if not pathetic. I know that graduation rates are better and disciplinary actions are few and far between but I am not a believer that good well coached teams and good academic results are mutually exclusive. We need to see some competing and winning as fans because we are losing hope and losing hope in our team(s) will not exactly improve ticket sales and open up consistent revenue streams. In my view, our men’s basketball and our football programs are so dysfunctional right now that my wife does not want me watching either one for fear I will have a stroke. I watch anyway but I am beginning to see her thinking as having some validity. I am simply tired of being angry about our teams.

Have an older friend (retiring next year) from Michigan. Me and him spoke about Michigan and their program when he was a kid and now. Including quite a bit of down years, while facilities were being upgraded. The parallels are uncanny. Hey isn’t Long a Meeechigan guy? Maybe he is trying to create a Michigan South? They’ve been trending up, maybe all our guys are stop gaps to get money until the upgrades are finished, once finished that extra money can fix the coaching issue. Wait, that’s what Michigan did. Hmmmmm

So who is our Harbaugh? Jeffy needs to go. He created the mess, he should be accountable for it. The next AD can resolve the coaching issues.

You people do realize that Jeff Long won the Athletic Director of the Year in 2015. And he was chosen to be the Head of the first College Football Playoff Committee. Also we finished 18th in the director’s cup this year. First among SEC programs. So go ahead and fire Long and clean house. After that the only people you will be able to hire is…
Athletic Director- Jeff E
Football coach- reddiehog
Basketball coach- oinkbait

You do realize that AR is not Long’s dream job. My guess is he wants to be a conference commissioner. In the next 3-4 years there are at least two that will open. Think HIS brand is big enough to get one of those jobs?

Jeff Long was AD of the Year in 2015? That’s like calling Moses Kingsley SEC Preseason Player of the Year for this season - pretty meaningless. As far as being Chairman of the Selection Committee, the idea is to have your team in the running to be selected for the Final Four, not picking the teams who make it. Let’s face it, since Long’s dismissal of Bobby Petrino, passionate Razorback fans have been the big losers and Jeff Long has been the big winner. By the way, the Director’s Cup sounds like one of those bleeding heart deals where everyone gets a trophy and our Athletic Department won it because we are the recipients of pity and scorn by our rivals.

If Jeff Long was AD of the year then damn obviously the success of the teams in the athletic department carries no weight whatsoever.

I would tend to think so, Bake. He has a very good reputation in the NCAA offices and with other Athletic Directors. It wouldn’t surprise me if by 2020 he didn’t head his own conference.

I don’t have a problem with Long at all. I think he did a tremendous job handling the Petrino fallout and the coaches we’ve brought in. At the time he made them, I was ecstatic for Bielema and CMA. We went and stole both those coaches from very good programs, I thought they were both strong power moves, Razorbacks showing their power.
BUT both have not worked out and it’s time for a change in basketball and football too if we don’t improve this year. Long has the power to go get awesome coaches. I just hope Long understands he needs to make a power move again in basketball NOW and possibly football too after next year. Now if he doesn’t make any changes while we continue to sit in mediocrity, I’ll be upset with him. But I have faith in Long he’ll go get 2 awesome hires again and hopefully this time one or both pan out.

Did anyone see “Before They Were Cowboys” last night on ESPN? Jeff Long and Bret Bielema should be forced to watch the story of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson as Arkansas Razorbacks. That 1964 team did not have a bunch of 5 star players - they just wanted it more than anyone else especially in the 4th. quarter. When will Long and Bielema realize this is the legacy they were hired to uphold? When will they realize that Arkansas fans don’t get much to cheer about in everyday life but that the heritage of Arkansas football should be a source of pride and not embarrassment? In my opinion, they need to figure it out pretty quick (as in the 2017 and 2018 season) or they need to resign or risk being run out of town on a rail. Sorry about the harshness of my feelings but I know lots and lots of passionate Razorback fans who feel the same way.