The Magical SEC REF

I am referring to Stan Weihe. He was gone on Monday to the relief of Bret & Jen, however back again by Wednesday. Harder to get rid of than Smokey the Bear or a Supreme Court Judge. These SEC game officials are business owners down in the southeast Georgia, Alabama & Florida area of this country in my findings. You know, car dealerships, insurance companies & the like. They do game officiating as a hobby, not as needing family income. It is a crony corrupt system.

SEC or any conference officials should be highly trained and fully answerable as to the highly often judgmental calls they make in games. Repeated bad calls in the view of an overseeing board should get them fired. They are never fired. It is corrupt.

I remember when Arkansas was in the SWC. No Arkansas SWC game officials could ever call an Arkansas SWC game. It was that way for years. Texan SWC officials could call Arkansas/Texas teams, but Arkansas SWC officials could not. The reasoning was Arkansas SWC officials would be biased but Texan SWC officials were not biased. Pure baloney. Holtz got tired of that. He had the SWC policy changed by bitter complaining with Broyles. I remember the policy change was very evident years later in a Hatfield game down at Texas A&M. Arkansas was driving late in a tight game, a 4th down came up to convert of two or three yards. Arkansas called a short pass over the middle. A Aggie LB or CB came right over the back of our receiver to bat the football away. Our Arkansas SWC official properly called pass interference. Arkansas got the first down by penalty and drove on to score a TD and win the game. There was outrage down in College Station after that call by the Arkansas ref. However it was a proper call. I wonder how many Arkansas refs in the SEC? Obviously not damn near enough!

Good post. What does it take to get a bad official fired? Anybody know?

Stan Weihe is from Kentucky, an ex offensive lineman. I suspect the commissioner called Bielema and scolded him again.

Weihe has an Asphalt Equipment selling business.

What is so prevalent in SEC officiating is that the team with more benefit to the SEC always, ALWAYS, gets the BIG calls in the game. Yes, the officials will call penalties on both teams. But, the calls that change the landscape of the game always goes to the more "important’ team to the SEC. We notice the calls against the Hogs more, of course. But, I am sure we can all recall non Hogs games where we have seen the same things.

The one I remember the most was a few years ago Florida was losing to Miss St. 14-7 in Starkville, late in the 3rd. A gator LB intercepts the ball and takes it to the house. Only problem? He drops the ball on the 3 yard line trying to show off. The ball NEVER even crosses the goalline on the fumble! A Miss St. player recovers on the 2. but, the refs signal a TD anyway. :shock: Then it goes to replay and yet again it is call a TD! :frowning: The commentators were just speechless. That is what just sucks about the SEC officiating.