The great thing about Mussleman as a coach

His system is very much what every NBA team does as well, so if you’re doing well in his system, or doing outstanding like JT Notae and Jay Will, you’re going to have a much easier time transitioning to the NBA… I think Arkansas should look at a lifetime deal for him, kind of like what Pearl got, depending on how things are looking the next two yrs… To have a coach locked in, is better for recruiting. Like with this Louisville opening, other coaches say things like Arkansas might lose their coach, for players both schools are recruiting… Realistically, Mussleman isn’t leaving for that school, but this could be a continual thing until he’s locked in. If Louisville goes out of bounds one more time with the NCAA, they might not have basketball for a few yrs…Mussleman isn’t going to risk it all, he’s too smart for that. But there will be better opportunities in the future, and Arkansas needs to try and lock him in, it’s just better for recruiting…

Locking down a coach in the third year is absurd to me, I am very proud of what he has accomplished in his time with the Razorbacks to this point. I have not looked in depth at his record and the jobs he has held and left or lost. I personally never felt this would be a final destination for him when he took the job it just seem like Fayetteville wouldn’t be big enough for him and was more like a stepping stone. I home I’m wrong on all accounts and hope he becomes a lifer with the Razorbacks, the next two years will determine his stay as the head Hog in my opinion which means absolutely nothing. I cannot say enough good things about Muss as he has done exactly what we wanted as the head coach, but I still feel like in two more years we will have a better handle on a long term contract. It sure is great to see Bud Walton rocking again, a win Tuesday night might blow the roof off ! Wishing the Hogs and Muss the best!! WPS

You went from Muss “losing the team and being fired a month ago” to “a lifetime contract”. That’s like an Auburn recruit opening the door and the bagman is standing in front of him… a sudden change of heart.

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