The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A lot has been written or commented on about the fan base of TCU being so nasty to our players and apparently some of our writers. So I’m going to ask the question: Who is the best to worst fan base you have personally dealt with?

The Good: Ole Miss. I’ve visited for games 3 times and was always treated with respect and friendly conversation/banter, even friendly ribbing of my Hogs.

The Bad: LSU. I’ve gone to “death valley” once, and the fans(at least the ones I was around) were just stupid drunks running their mouth at every opportunity. Then we won, and a couple tried to throw beer on us.

The Ugly: Florida. I went to the SEC title game in 2006 and the Gator fans were awful. From jokes about Arkansas(which I expected) to general profanity laced abuse it was nasty. But what topped it over the line was when a couple of boys tried to grope the females with us. One of the pet peeves I have in this world is when men assault a woman in any way shape or form. It resulted in one Gator fan getting punched and then crying to security to throw us out. If you’re that much a loser to harass a woman and then run off crying because you got what you deserved, you aren’t a man.

I very seldom go to away games, since I normally go by myself. I’ve been lucky in my choices.

I went to Tennessee in 2007. The fans were friendly and very polite. I went to the Vol walk wearing cardinal, and stood right at the front. The Vol fans were very nice.

I went to Mizzou two years ago, although that time a friend went with me. Wherever we went, we were greeted by Mizzou fans and welcomed.

The 41-38 victory over the Tadpoles

Our largely unproductive running game, and our apparent inability to keep unblocked opposing defenders out of our backfield before our offensive plays can develop

The very demonstrative, deliberately offensive, elaborately mimed throat slash executed by the illustrious Kenny Hill