The firing of Chad Morris

I have mixed feelings about this one. I don’t think this disaster is his fault, it’s been coming for a long time.

That being said, that team just completely quit on him, like I have never seen on any level. They were playing with no pride, character, heart, or anything else. I’ve never seen a team just absolutely not care before, and that was the case for sure.

Again, I think Arkansas needs to think outside the box on the hiring of a new coach. No one worth anything that’s wanted by others is coming here. The state of Arkansas is not a state that produces athletes on a regular basis, and it’s hard to recruit football players there from other places. The few Arkansas produces usually go to Alabama or elsewhere. The fans have unreasonable expectations. The most Arkansas will ever be is an average also ran team, they will always be second or third fiddle in the SEC. It’s the Trump Republican philosophy, Alabama and LSU do great because Saban is an independent, but donates to Democrats in WV, and doesn’t like a Trump. And Ed Orgeron is a Democrat as well. Arkansas needs to quit hiring Republican coaches, they have been a disaster, and true athletes don’t want to play for them.

The disaster within the football program was CCM’s fault - with or without the right players. He simply could not develop players nor could he motivate them on game day. Just look at the QB regression.

Trust the AD will make a thorough & informed search & recommendation. These day most teams heavily recruit from talent rich states & cherry pick a few from their own states. We are fortunate to be adjacent to TX with the largest talent base & with a strong Razorback following in No. TX.

Sorry but get tired of hearing from despondent fans about poor pitiful Arkansas that will never be successful in SEC. Every team goes thru these cycles. We were recently a top 5 team in 2011 & can easily be back again with the right coach. Only thing that will hold us back from succeeding is our own pessimism & defeatist outlook.

Political donations and/or affiliations have nothing to do with coaching. No HC likes to lose or truely accepts being mediocre or worse. Some are just better at winning in different ways.

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I thought that might fire some people up, that was the intention, to get you caring again. That’s the first step at healing, first you have to care.

Arkansas fans need to care, they care, usually about politics, so it was intentional, to light a fire under some of you guys.

All kidding aside… You guys need to get back to the basics, this isn’t rocket science. You don’t have to have the most talent to win at this game, it helps, just ask AL, LSU, etc. You just have to have great defense, and be able to run the ball, control the clock, and keep the more talented team on the sidelines. Get back to basics! Stop putting unreasonable expectations on coaches and players. Get back into recruiting Little Rock south, there is talent there. Take the same kind of passion you guys have about politics, into caring about your football team, and you will be fine.

And think outside the box, you need intelligent people coaching at Arkansas, because you’re never going to have the most talent.

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Outside the box like Drinkwitz? He’s a coach who knows how to win with less. And he could possibly get a much better staff around him. No telling what he could do with better recruits.

Euro hog, I honestly don’t know anything about who you’re talking about?

I think Arkansas needs to recruit way better, especially athletes that can run, way-way better, they’re so slow. Arkansas has hit rock bottom, they need to forget the good Ole boys, they have absolutely destroyed this program.

My list is : 1. Eric Bienemy
2. Jeff Fisher
3. Dowel Loggains
4. Byron Leftwich
5. Mike Norvell

Chad’s reciord when behind at halftime at SMU and Ark. 1-35.

That shows how he is able to adjust to gametime situations.

Getting blown out at home by Group of 5 schools. and dancing when his tema gives up 34 to Colorado St.

He is a Bush league coach.

needs to go back to high school.