It was the annual preseason media interview with the long suffering high school football coach of the Dullville Dirtdobbers. The launch of the new season was imminent, and the obviously excited young, fresh faced sports reporter for the Dullville Weekly Mistake gushed, “Gosh, Coach; this could prove to be a REALLY GREAT SEASON for you, couldn’t it? I mean - - - heck, - - you’re loaded with seniors and juniors! You’ll be the envy of a lot of other district coaches with the numbers of seasoned veterans you’ll be fielding this year!!!”

The coach distractedly removed his cap and thoughtfully scratched his noggin, - - taking his time to finally drawl resignedly, - - “Experience? - - - - - Oh, yeah, - - - - - - - they’ve got experience, that’s for sure. - - - - But you might need to remember that this is basically the same team that’s gone 0-9 two years running now.”


And the coach added, “their backups were better than our starters.”

A number of indignant parents would undoubtedly have gotten their backs up at such a pointed assertion.

It is decidedly inadvisable to deliver a prodigiously strong blow to a hornets nest with a short, heavy club when there is neither an impregnable indoor facility nor a creek of appreciable depth within sufficient range to provide a hope of sanctuary from severe punitive repercussions.

Sadly, some folk never seem to harvest this pearl of cautionary wisdom during life’s journey. Over time, their hides incrementally become tougher in deflecting rebuke and censorship, but they seemingly never acquire any sense of constraint, decorum or conversational grace. One cannot teach ballet to a hippopotamus; apart from the obvious physical challenge, the mental aptitude and willingness to learn simply is nonexistent.