The Defense is terrible, these kids don't like to D it up..

When you’re dead last in the SEC in 3 pt defense, by a wide margin, 12th in rebounding, 12th in free throws, you’re simply not a quality basketball program. Those are all effort things, this team is lazy and entitled. Arkansas will finish the SEC at 8-10, Barford and Macon will go undrafted again, because no one is going to take two kids that can’t even lead their team to a Sweet 16, even one time. These kids have character issues, you can tell by the defensive effort, the free throws, and the rebounding. Although the rebounding was pretty good today, still overall terrible.

Most of this is your opinion and not based in fact. You do realize we outrebounded Auburn last night and tied MSU the other day right? FT’s I’ll give you that. A lot of that is Gafford when he gets fouled, but some of our more talented shooters have been missing lately. 3 point defense isn’t lack of effort. Most teams still miss the majority against us, it’s just when you jack up 20-30 a game, a few drops makes the other team look horrible.

What are you talking about? Auburn shot like over 50% from the 3, Tennessee shot nearly 50% on the road. And can you read? I said right there in the last sentence, the rebounding was was pretty good against Auburn. 3 point defense most certainly is a lack of effort, are you nuts? Especially if their wide open time and time again, it means the Razorbacks are not fighting off the screens, and staying with their man, leaving them wide open time and again. You’re blind or must be watching another team, this one is horrible, if this is a .500 SEC team it will be a miracle…
The SEC has a bunch of good teams, but not great ones, there really is no excuse for this at this stage. Duke, NC, ND, and Clemson aren’t rocking the schedule here. These boys are SOFT mentally and SOFT physically, lazy and entitled, will be lucky to be a .500 SEC team, and maybe squeak into the NIT, if it’s a bad yr.

First of all, your petty insults are unnecessary and unappreciated. If you don’t like what I say, then address the points, not attacking me personally.

Second, you just mentioned 2 out of 15 games, but your original point made it seem like it was a continual problem.

Third, making 3’s doesn’t necessarily mean the other team is putting forth no effort. Teams like Auburn run their offense through the 3 ball, so naturally they set up for the 3. So if teams like Auburn make 3’s, it’s simply them running their offense well, not that Arkansas gave no effort to stop it. Arkansas normally shoots very well from 3. Are you saying all those teams are lazy at 3 point defense?

Finally, if the SEC has a bunch of good teams, then how can you accuse Arkansas of being soft? Good teams will beat good teams.

If you have such a bleak opinion of the season, then stop watching. And when we end up doing fine in conference play, I beat you won’t come back here.

Funny posts here today with all the doomsayers. Arkansas - with the loss - remains inside the top 20 in RPI and that is the single most important number in the stats. With 10 wins in conference (likely more than not), this team wins 20-plus, has a handful of notable wins and gets to dance. If the record flips to a sub-500 in SEC play, then sure, NIT bound.

As for the two losses, no one should be surprised. This system does not effectively teach certain aspects of the game - never has. Regardless of talent level, Arkansas’s offensive sets leave their defense routinely out of position (against the better talent or one-any-given-night AMPed talent). I’ve consistently observed (nothing new this year) that there is a hole in Coach Anderson’s ‘style’ and it manifests itself by players being out of position on defense, chasing the ball on defense, and (again, against quality athletic teams) out of sync on offense. As for outrebounding Auburn, sure - because Arkansas spent three days hearing about how Auburn crashes the board. Good for them for listening this one time.

Again - like most of Coach A’s teams, they lack in-game adjustments. Note I didn’t say ‘effective in-game adjustments’. I don’t see hardly ANY. With only a handful of exceptions over the past 3-5 years, when Arkansas needs to make changes … shift to a man, slow the ball down, etc., they either can’t (don’t have that game) or they don’t (the coaching staff won’t). I saw that in the past two games, saw it in the Houston game, saw it in the Tenn game but then Tenn has melted several times this year in the last 5 minutes. Last year we saw the lack of flexibility in the Minnesota game most notably.
No doubt - when Arkansas gets to play schoolyard, it can run with the best. When other coaches maneuver to decrease impacts of being less athletic, Coach A has historically not had an answer with in-game adjustments.

I can’t be the ONLY person on the planet that see’s this :slight_smile:

I was mostly with you till your last paragraph. You’ll have to explain what you’re not seeing in adjustments, especially on defense. You can even listen to the commentary during the last two games to understand the changes from press, man, and zone defenses Anderson used. Some fans even blamed Anderson for the switch to zone at the end of the MSU game as the reason they hit those 2 late three pointers.

Good Luck Distance Hog, you’re being questioned by “THE GENERAL” of all things basketball.