The DC Mystery

I don’t KNOW anything. Perhaps like most - if not all - of you, I can only wait for news and information to be disseminated.

I ASSUME (rightly or wrongly) that Coach Morris has either already settled on - and secured - his DC, or else he has been frustrated or stymied at every turn in his selection process. I would prefer to believe the former aspect.

If our new DC is currently actively involved in the playoff picture, then I could certainly understand the reticence of that DC to allow news of his impending change of status to become public information at this juncture. I’m fervently hoping that such is the case here.

It’s been real quiet from what I have gathered as well. I don’t think he is getting blown off; I think the early signing period is forcing people to sit tight until afterwards and the bowl prep is taking a lot of time away from interviews too. It is hard to set aside a few hours of the day when your schedule is packed full of prep-plan.

I think he knows who he wants, but can’t hire them until later on. Which is why he said it would be after all the bowls are done. That makes me think he has a good shot at Venables. I’m hearing that Morris has authority to pay Venables up to $3m - that would be huge.

Anyways, I’d be stoked with Grinch as well. He plays an attaching style that focuses on spread offenses.

Not sure who the answer to the DC mystery is, but I would think after the early signing period that it will be revealed. If the DC is part of a bowl game (not the CFP), then waiting on the announcement until after the game may not be necessary. But if the DC is in the CFP, I can see why a DC would not want to be a distraction to the team.

I would love to have Venables. Where are you hearing that 3 million has been authorized?

Trust me, the $3m comments are not coming from some inside friend. I’ve heard it from a few in Little Rock. They might not have a clue, but they speak of that number with conviction.

I don’t want Chavis!

He hasn’t been able to produce a stellar D at Texas A&M with higher rated talent than he would have at Arkansas. Just look at the Hogs success over the past several years racking up yardage and scores even while loosing.
I believe that he has simply been around so long that opposing coaches no who he is and what he does and therefore not effective any longer.

We need someone that is younger, brash, aggressive and bold that kids will get excited to sign up to play for. Chad Morris needs to just go and get that coach whomever he is and pay him to produce.
We lost out on what was at one time our highest rated recruit in Hanspard, DB from Texas, #32 Player in Texas most likely because of the lack of knowing who he would be playing for. Why this staff has backed away from Emmitt Gooden is baffling to me seeing that he has stated even after the coaching change that he wants to be a Razorback and we have a need for that type of size on the D-front, I simply don’t get it.

I have to admit I am with you on this point. I don’t have a preferred choice; but I do not want Chavis. What a bummer and downer that would be. How hard can it be? All we need is a solid SEC defense that can compete with LSU, Auburn, A&M etc. No need to try to buy your way to top of SEC like A&M; but find an up and coming Defensive Coordinator that is equally as hungry as Morris. I expect to win NOW!!! meaning 8 games next year. No more of this we need to re-build this team brick by brick and expect to take 5 or 6 years to win. We have talent, we always have; but we had been playing and coaching so passive; that losing was almost expected. Short an unexpected spectacular run by TJ Hammonds; we would only have had 3 wins and and likely the most embarrassing loss since The Citadel. Let’s don’t repeat what we did with Bert and his staff, let’s find our own lightening in the bottle to go with what I believe is the Coach that may surpass the heroics of Bobby Petrino.

It has been reported that Gooden can not qualify for an SEC school. He is lacking one or two courses, so don’t blame the new coaching staff. The old staff should have figured this out a long time ago. It is usually a math course that gets them.