The Basketball team has some talent..Obviously not on FL, KY, TN, level, or even close, but they have some players

Isaiah Joe is a fantastic player, his skill set is as good as any Razorback ever.

Mason Jones and Jimmy Whitt can both ball out also, they’re darn good basketball players, with unlimited potential.

Arkansas’ success will depend on Ethan Henderson’s play inside, he has tremendous ability, just wasn’t given a chance last yr.

They have enough talent to compete with most teams, obviously not 5 star U, probably not FL or TN either…

Not on Auburn’s level either, but there’s a chance they could be competitive.

If we are dependant on EH, it is going to be a long season. I think Connor Vanover’s waiver situation will have a much bigger impact on our season than how a seldom used reserve plays.

Why, Ethan Henderson actually showed good promise in the last two games when Gafford felt he was above the NIT, and abandoned the team. I think in limited mins without looking he got a few pts, and a few rebounds, against Providence, and contributed on the boards against Indiana.

Arkansas needs to quit thinking of themselves as elite, they haven’t ever been elite, in recent memory anyway. If you cannot coach a player up, you will NEVER be successful. Because as previously mentioned all the 5 stars go elsewhere, usually KY in CBB.