The Basketball coach Muscleman or whatever it is knows what yet doing

They’re playing the best consistent Defense they’ve played at Arkansas since really ( not dissing Mike A or Nolan) but really since Eddie Sutton, obviously Nolan was better overall than Eddie, but Eddie’s team’s D’d up.

If Muscleman can get some twin towers, he can win, and he can take Arkansas to a Final Four, he’s that good.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the yr 3-4 timeframe if Muscleman takes Arkansas to a Final Four. Yeah, I know that’s not his name, I just like that better…LOL…

Hopefully he lands more of this years talented class instead of Auburn & the likes getting them.
Those would put him on FF pace in 2-3 more years.

Imagine how much more impressive our defense would be if we had a rim protector.

Very true, if we had bigs, we could make a run at the Sweet Sixteen this yr…IMHO…