The Basketball coach knows what he’s doing

The ball movement was good. The Defense was vastly improved. The Defense kept their hands up. They rebounded pretty good, considering a lack of size really. He’s definitely teaching these kids how to play in the NBA. They set some high low screens. Now Rice is terrible in all phases, don’t want to get carried away, but I can see this guy knows what he’s doing…He also left his primary guys on the floor together, which brought continuity, and an understanding of what the other guys are doing. MA was/is a great human being, but he wasn’t getting the kids ready to play in the NBA, his style just wasn’t conducive to the NBA.

Obviously no one respects Arkansas, they’re picked 10th in the SEC, so they should be pretty angry by that, considering ISAIAH JOE is one of the most talented players in the country.

Will be tough to replace Gafford’s 20 points and 10-15 rebounds.

I think 17-18 wins will be very good. Beyond that is a bonus.

I think coach Muss is doing a great job of teaching the fundamentals of basketball and that will help us quite a bit.The lack of size on the inside will be a huge disadvantage against the premier teams, hopefully we can bombard some 3’s against them and stay in the game.
I really like what I have been able to see in his practices and in the game last night.We were straight man-to-man in your face, smell your chewing gum type defense. They rarely had a wide-open 3, that was a beautiful sight to me.

I would agree, it’s disappointing that Connor didn’t get cleared eligible, that kid can rebound, and can knock it down from the outside. If he continues to be a successful j shot shooter, Arkansas could be very good in the future. He has heart and toughness, which is rare for big guys.

I would love to get one shot at KY with an inside and outside game, but Isaiah would be an idiot not to go pro, I would never tell a kid to do something I would not do. I would get the check and finish my degree online or whatever. But I can dream, it would be nice to get one shot at KY with a complete team, if he returned for another yr.

I do think this Ethan Henderson has potential on the glass, but it’s a work in progress.

They won’t miss Gafford from last year. If they had him back with this coach yeah it would make them much better. But they won’t miss the Gafford from last year. The team is better this year and will be in the top half of SEC.