The Baseball team looks like they could go far this yr

The SEC in baseball is FAR AND AWAY the toughest conference. Both Mississippi teams look out of this world. Florida is again top notch. I actually think there are 9-10 teams in this league that could make it to Omaha, with a workable bracket, and a workable regional.

The SEC in baseball is absolutely brutal, it’s like the NL East, where every team but the Marlins were +500.

Arkansas has a VERY good team, but they play in the toughest conference, maybe in the history of College Baseball.

The best news from the weekend was that the pitching stepped up. We couldn’t be sure until we saw them in action, and they looked pretty darned good.

Yeah, I thought the pitching was actually very good, if it holds throughout SEC play, and into the Regionals and beyond, Arkansas has a chance…

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