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Great FB games from the NFL over the weekend. The KC and Bill’s game was like the Old Missy and Us FB game.

Did your team win? Or lose?

BTW should the NFL change the OT rules?

Or No. Poll above.

Enjoyed the game (s), Bills & Chiefs was one for the ages.
OT rule won’t be changed I don’t think. Been thru this one many times since the last change on it.

Was born in KC, actually played on the old turf when I was a kid, went to Nobel Prentis Elementary in KC, great, very diverse, little school actually.

I would have to say the KC v Bills game was better by a long shot than the Arkansas v Ole Miss 7 OT game. Because the skill set of those two QB’s in the last 5:00 mins or so, was the best I’ve ever seen.

I watched Joe Montana drive down the field against John Elway on MNF at the old Mile High Stadium to win it with 1:29 left on the clock, and 13 secs left when Montana threw it to Willie Davis in the front corner of the end zone. There was 13 secs total left, when KC got the ball the other night, so there’s no comparison.

I honestly don’t care if they change the OT rules or not, we lost one with these rules to the Pats in the AFC championship game 3 yrs ago. They were the same rules for both teams, and they’ll be the same rules for both again, no matter what they change them to. I think at least in the playoffs both teams should get one chance with the ball, because it seems unfair for 17 reg season games, 1, 2, or 3 playoff games, 3 pre season games, to come down to the flip of a coin… But those are the rules…

Sunday’s game will be another doozy, Cincy has the best LSU WR in the game right now, gonna be another dog fight, but it always is…

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