That was one of the ugliest games ever.

Let’s not go crazy here, it is what it is. LSU saw that Arkansas was favored by 89.4% of the people to win, that fired them up. Arkansas got down, and instead of just playing, they were looking up to see how big of a hole they were in. The coaching staff has wrecked these kids confidence, they couldn’t hit the side of a barn right now. FL will win by 60 on Saturday, I’m not even going to watch. I’ve said it all along, we need to hire Corliss Williamson as an Assistant to develop rebounding and an inside game.

This is not Mike Anderson’s fault, these kids are just soft mentally and physically, the UCONN women would beat them handily, and that’s not a joke, they would. Unfortunately, this season is over, there’s no heart on that roster, hopefully these recruits coming in can change things. I don’t see it however, losses like this will continue to happen, unless changes are made to the coaching staff. Stupid is doing the same failed things over and over, and never changing your approach. They have to develop an inside game. Mike Anderson’s going to have to lower his pay, he’s been consistently the 2nd highest paid coach in the SEC, 17th highest nationally. We’ve never finished 2nd or 17th and he’s been here long enough now, there are no more excuses.

C’mon, the point you make is well-taken, but the answer is not for CMA to lower his pay. The answer is in the product put on the floor. Right now, it doesn’t look very good. We don’t have much coming out of the 4 hole, and there’s many issues on the bench. Will they right the ship soon? They better or Florida and the rest of the SEC will chew them up.

I think after 3 yrs, any coach’s pay should be what their team’s performance is. If you finish first in the conf, you should be paid the highest in the conf, if you finish first nationally, you should be the highest paid in the country. And if not, your pay should be based on what your ranking is, with adjustments for injuries, unplanned staff changes…

I don’t care what his pay is (though I respect your position concerning it). I’m more concerned about fixing the issue, which is the product on the floor. If I were concerned about anything about CMA’s pay, it would be his buyout number. But I don’t think that’s the issue right now. Righting the ship is, and there’s still time to do it.

Based on slow starts and trying to figure out who plays well with who, I think try another line-up change/s and try and stick with them for awhile (a few games)…who will sacrifice for the team?

CJ Jones ~~~ I think he needs to be starter IMO, it would help him get going,I don’t think he can stay effective coming off the bench IMO.

Who does he play well with or would also help set him up for good looks as Gafford, Barford and Macon should remain constants as starters? Cook, Thomas, Bailey or Hall? More playing time would help CJ further his development more than any player I think.


Beard should be the steady 6th man and glue guy from now on…IMO
Hall should be the 7th guy w his energy
Thompson back up to Gafford and not too far behind in minutes of course…

They have get through this and can! Go Hogs : )

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a staunch Anderson supporter, and I still am. But last night was unacceptable. I can accept losing to a better team, but Arkansas just handed that game over to LSU. LSU’s not a bad team, but we made them look like the 92 Dream Team last night.

Plain and simple from what I saw, we simply quit a few minutes into the game. Yeah, we still played, but we were just going through the motions and had no desire to win.

I thought Anderson made some bad substitutions last night. Just when we started to make a little run and close the gap a little, he pulled the 3 guys responsible for the run and it all went south.

This was one of the rare home games I couldn’t attend, and I’m glad I didn’t. There’s still plenty of season left, but if our boys keep playing like this, then the season could very well be over in the next couple of weeks.

Sounds like you’ve finally come to your senses, General. And to think just the other day you were talking about a 24 win season.

We have 7 road games left and I can see us winning maybe 2. Of the 8 home games we have left, we’ll be lucky to win 5. That would put us at 18 wins and maybe get us an NIT bid.

For someone who consistently touts his deep understanding and appreciation for the game of basketball, you just shot yet another airball.

I’m a realist, always have been. It still doesn’t mean what you and others said the other day were correct. Fact is, after we got screwed at MSU, our boys haven’t recovered. It seems like a mental issue to me. Even when losing against NC and Houston, they still put up a fight and tried hard to get back into it, but last night it just seemed to me that they laid down and took it.

24 wins is still possible, I know that sounds absurd after last night, but it’s still possible and I’ll stick to it till they prove otherwise.

Another? Please explain where I’ve been wrong before. I can tell you the countless times you’ve been wrong since we had the old forum on WHS when it came to basketball. You only show up when something bad happens, if we win Saturday, you’ll disappear like always.

Guys we brought MA back to Arkansas knowing full and well that the system he runs that there will be deep valleys and high peaks which means inconsistency such as we witnessed last night. We are not fundamentally sound as a team and we are having our weaknesses exposed by lesser talented teams. Something has to give and tough decisions lay ahead for CMA. WPS

The truth is, Anderson gets out coached on a regular basis. We have some of the best talent in the country. When we play teams that play our style, we usually win because we have more talent. But when we play a team with lock down defense or a half court game, we have a hard winning even against inferior talent. We get out coached! This team plays entitled,lazy and without enthusiasm. That’s on the coach. We seem to go out there knowing we are the better team with no sense of urgency because our talent will get us through. That’s on the coach! I hate watching all of these kids with talent go to waste.with a sound coach we might have one loss. Let’s not waste these kids I feel sorry for them because they have no direction. Time for a coaching change! No more wasted players and embarrassing coaching.

Prove it! I want specific examples(systems/coaching applications). All I read is the same old drivel and yet I see almost no good examples of this point.

General prove your point!!! Tell the Hogs what they need to do to start winning again. Better than that, why don’t you go help Mike get this team back on track. We would all appreciate your help.

I was there, and I agree with all you said, the officiating was terrible!!! They missed at least 6 walks on LSU that were obvious, called touchy fouls on us. I want blame the refs for the game, but it had been a equal called game I think with the run we had in the 2nd we might have played harder and believed they had a shot. First game I have attended in 20 years. With the loss driving back home 3 hours in the fog and rain was tough!! On another note I noticed why in the heck was Bailey taking so many shots to start off the game. He’s not a shooter.

I started a whole thread about my opinion and what I’ve seen the last couple of games. Feel free to reply yourself and I won’t argue with you.

The officiating was bad, but even if it was called on an even plain, we’d still have lost by double digits. I was screaming at my t.v. for our boys to drive the ball. I saw two shots Bailey took where there was a wide open lane and he shot a 12-15 footer instead. I was ready to punch my t.v.

We have three talented players and a bunch of role players. i don’t hold out much hope for this season. 7 SEC wins max.

I was just reading some of your previous posts. You just said this a couple of months ago.

So, are they talented or not? You seem to think they are when we’re winning and they aren’t when we’re losing.

When people started to heap praise upon this current Razorback basketball team and comparing them to the 94/95 team I told them to pump the brakes and proceed with caution.
These teams aren’t configured the same and the glaring differences are at power forward and center. Those 94/95 teams were loaded with men like Corliss, Biley, Stewart, Robinson and Wilson while the 2017/18 team has Gafford, Thompson, Bailey, Cook and Thomas. The current group of forwards and centers are severely undersized compared to that group comprised in the Championship season and not as talented as a group.
This years guards are very good at times, but are expected to score the majority of our points in order to win.
While are guards on that 94/95 team could score, especially Thurman we could always get the ball down low to Big Nasty and count on 20 or more per game.
We also had a true zone buster in Al Dillard, currently our potential zone buster C.J. Jones hasn’t been consistent.
That 94/95 team also had special players like Clint McDaniel and Dwight Stewart that were able to have a tremendous effect on any given game defensively (Clint) and offensively (Dwight).
I think the 94/95 team was a complete team filled with size, speed, skill and desire that could compete playing uptempo and in a half court game equally.
That team could lock you down on defense and that’s a significant difference when comparing the two teams.

As I’ve said many times, when former UNLV star Larry Johnson told coach Richardson that he’d better get himself some men he took it to heart and led to the construction of that 94/95 roster and until Coach Anderson gets that type of roster he will not be able to achieve what his mentor did.

Go Hogs!