That should be it for Bielema, he can't coach..

That was clearly SC’s biggest game to this pt, and Arkansas was asleep at the wheel with no emotion or enthusiasm… No desire to play, and whoever is coaching that offensive line should be so fired, that’s the worst ever… Allen cannot QB, get pressure and it’s all over…

We looked like a really good Sun Belt team

Hogs started out their 1st possesion in 2nd half very conservative CBB style and went backward in yardage~ no shotgun, play action, wildcat, nothing exotic on offense. Should have opened up the playbook immediately coming out of halftime being down 10-17 as we don’t have CBB type personnel to run conservative offense w/o battering ram Rawleigh Williams.

Sillver lining is aTm only scored 24 pts against SC, Hogs scored 22 but should have been more.

Case in point as Hogs can’t out of their own way again:

With 9:28 in 3rd after SC added 3 more pts on THEIR 1st possesion of 2nd half, Austin Allen underthrew a streaking Jordan Jones who had two steps on the DB that would have closed it to a 17-20 game. But two plays later on 3rd down Allen is pressured and threw unfortunate 6 pick and game got away just that quickly with very little effort 10-27. And then another defensive score 10-34. Game over…

If Beleima has any pressure to restore a little prestige and show he belongs at Arkansas he has to win home game against Auburn, and not lose another game if could win against Auburn. He has #1 juco WE Brandon Martin back. He going to have to coach up his talent and start winning again…and understand all it takes is one winning play here or there to effect momentum and outcome of any game. Hard to do that with conservative game plan. And we did not see Cole Kelly on 3rd and 1 play in 1st half that we did not convert and stopped a liitle momentum for the Hogs. Wps


I’m sorry to correct you, but a really good Sun Belt team named LaTech, coached by Skip Holtz lost on a last second field goal at South Carolina just a couple of weeks ago. As a matter of fact LaTech outplayed Carolina for 3 3/4 of the football game with what one would have to think would be lesser recruited players than what the Arkansas roster has. If not for a miraculous juggling 41 yard bomb that was eventually hauled in the the Carolina receiver LaTech would have gone into South Carolina and won the game. Instead they lose 17-16, yes, 17-16.
This is the same LaTech team that we were lucky to beat in Little Rock last year 14-13 again with what should be inferior talent, it can only be one thing, Skip Holtz must be a pretty darn good coach.

So, a really good Sunbelt team is Arkansas? Honestly, I think not!
We would probably lose at least 3 games this year if we played in the Sunbelt Conference and one of those would possibly be to Arkansas State University, Jonesboro.


It is now back to historical pattern that persisted under HDN where any SEC team regardless of their record are again primed to play their best ball against the Hogs. We are and will be everyone’s (sans Bama) ‘must win’ game this season ~ Auburn (playoff spot), Ole Miss (pride, thinking they’re more talented, dual threat QB), MSMoo (pride, dual threat QB), LSU (pride, awful loss to Troy, Oregeon on hot seat) and Mizzou (bragging rights trophy) who may have offense back on track by end of season.

Yes we would be better off competing in Sun Belt this season and thus still salvage few more wins 8+ in spite of uneven or questionable coaching of our talent, maybe because it lacks experience for most part but CBB still has to win in SEC no matter. Wps


Skip Holtz??? Really! La Tech just succumbed to football powerhouse UAB! That Memphis coach is hungry, one to watch. Of course, Gus would always come back home if someone would show just a little love. UCLA’s Mora is a winner too. You really want a great coach…it’s Patterson from TCU. Just throwing names around, but, honestly, CBB is here to stay for a ‘long’ time.

Bama Hog,

Gus would be an idiot to leave Auburn to come to Arkansas.
Hemisphere currently the HC at a program where he can can recruit top ten nationally yearly while at Arkansas he would be lucky to break the top 20 in recruiting.

Coach Patterson has built a nationally respected program in his almost 20 seasons and would not seriously give that up for a reclamation project at Arkansas.

Coach Mora, has never won anything!

A young up and coming coach might be the direction Arkansas has to go, but to you’re point Memphis just lost to UCONN, not a football school either.

My point and I’m not saying Skip Holtz would be the answer for our program, but he is playing with less than the talent that we have on our roster and he was able to go into the same stadium that we did yesterday and had a chance to win where our coach got housed.

Ahhhhh…no I think Memphis beat Uconn like 70-30


Thanks for that correction about the Memphis score.
We’d better go see if we can get him before he gets scooped up by Tennessee or Texas A&M.
First, we have to rid ourselves of Coach B

Yeah…if we make a change I would be ok with Norvell. He attacks on both sides of the ball. He has Arkansas connection (Career receiving.leader at UCA) . As far as up n commers go we could do worse.

Willie Fritz, wins everywhere he goes and is the master at turning programs around.

Uh… I would say a Sun Belt team without the word GOOD.
And about coaching… most if not all Sun Belt coaches are better than CBB.
Beliema is an insult to Hogs fans.

I think Norvell or S. Holtz either one would be better than what we have now… I doubt it will happen though, for some reason this AD has to wait until there is a motorcycle crash, before he sees the writing on the wall… I don’t like stomping on ANY coach when they’re down, and I never liked the behavior many of our fans showed towards H. Nutt which I thought was completely uncalled for. But I just don’t think this guy can coach. With Nutt he wasn’t perfect, but with talent, he was always going to compete, I don’t think this guy knows how to compete AT ARKANSAS in the SEC. I think he wouldn’t win a NC at AL or LSU either, but with their talent, he would win more than lose, but Arkansas is not LSU or AL. For that matter SC produces far more NFL talent than we do. Coaching is an actual job at AR.

  1. Someone put together that offensive line. That alone is justification for termination. How can any legit coach look at that makeshift unit and honestly conclude that can compete in the SEC, or against any quality opponent for that matter? That poor Allen kid gets hit more than any other QB in the history of college football…j,k but it’s pretty close actually.

  2. This is yr 5 and we’re worse off than we were in yr 1… IMHO… I don’t expect to win the SEC, but any quality coach can keep games close as terrible as this conference is right now… Auburn and Georgia are pretty good, Alabama is very good, everyone else is average or sucks. So if he can’t win now, when will he ever?? The SEC is not going to stay down for long. Tenn, FL, LSU, likely A&M, are going to be shopping for coaches also, while we’re still messing around with this guy. And they will have their programs back to normal pretty quick, and where will we be then?

Bottom line is, this guy can’t coach…EGO and Stupidity only gets you elected president, it doesn’t win in the SEC.

Justin Fuente VA Tech
Brent Venables dc Clemson
Charlie Strong South Florida
Clay Helton USC
Skip Holtz LA Tech

Today’s article RE Refocused Bama?
Wow…the Hogs (Or us Hogs) can’t seem to catch a break. We are now Alabama’s ‘must win’ game just because aTm gave them a close game? If CBB can keep it close (within 15 points) he wins. Still have to beat Auburn at home. Wps


There is nothing I would like more than to be this weeks Iowa State and shock the world, but then realism has to set in and realize that we just haven’t shown this season that we have any chance in anyone’s mind to truly believe that we could pull off an upset of this magnitude.
Honestly, I wouldn’t feel confident in placing a bet on the Hogs being able to cover the spread of 29 1/2 points. I mean I will be shocked if Bama doesn’t hang at least 50 on us because they can score with defensive takeaways and quick strikes from the offense on the ground and through the air not to mention special teams.

I just hope that we don’t end up getting several starters banged up in this game that they can’t contribute for the remainder of the season because we do have about 3-4 more games this year that we could possibly pick up a few victories.
However, playing a really good defense in Auburn the following weekend after a bruising physical game at Bama could really hurt any chance we would have to possibly be competitive at home with Auburn.
So, realistically we will more than likely be 2-5 with 5 games remaining to play put Coastal Carolina down as a 3rd win and then we have 4 more conference games 2 on the road and 2 at Home. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much confidence in his team winning a conference road game.
I just can’t see this team finishing better than 5-7 and it wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up 4-8.
Having said all that I will be hunckered down praying for a miracle like most Hog fans and probably watch every second of the game because that’s what we do as Hog fans.

Go Hogs!

I think you are right on point here. This game could lead to more injuries, which means more losing - and at a point where the Hogs could gather some wins.