That lineup of Vanover, JW, DD, Notae, and Toney could stay with an NBA team for half of a QRTR

That’s a powerful good lineup, the best Arkansas has had, maybe since the Championship yr. Throw in CL, the best pure Guard Arkansas has had in a minute, and Umude, who works them boards.

Arkansas has a winner here folks… 3rd in the SEC??
Uh, No! Arkansas has the talent to compete with anyone in the country…

Hold your horses hoss!!! Today it was good, but I want to see Vanover in particular stay down low a lot more like he did today.

There is plenty to work on and we won’t know what starting lineup will be SEC ready for a while. So lets not crown this starting lineup to be as good as the championship year.

Huh? What’s a hoss? The urban dictionary says basically a friend who’s obese…

Ever watch Bonanza?

That steak restaurant?

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