Thank You Tennessee

Your dumpster fire is way more impressive than our dumpster fire. I guess if you want to look good just stand next to someone uglier.

Thanks UT.

They seem to have made a mess out of their search alright, with the fan reaction and all. Still I’ll bet you a coke they come out of it with a better quality coach than we do.

However, they might have to fire their AD to get the right coach hired.

Their AD’s handling of their attempted coaching hire reminded me of our last AD.

You can add the other dumpsters burning at Texas A&M, Ole Miss and it won’t be long Mississippi State.
Ole Miss has retained Matt Luke as head coach. They are awaiting the NCAA penalties for the Hugh Freeze curious.
Mississippi State has a LB that was a star witness in the NCAA investigation of Ole Miss they used his testimony aginst Ole Miss. ( Leo Lewis ). He was asked if any other schools offered or gave him money his answer was LSU and Mississippi State.
Well the NCAA opened and closed a case aginst Moo U and stated that Leo Lewis was not a creditable witness. Makes you wonder is this the real reason Mullen left for Florida!
Texas A&M just fired Kevin Sumlin and know they are attempting to hire the devil himself Jim Bo Fisher. The man whom will play anyone to win regardless of the Million or so that is paid to the victim of rape after the star QB is in the NFL.
I would be willing to say our current state of our football program is well above these schools for sure.
Florida and Dan Mullen is already recruiting to land the commitment of the players he had committed to Moo U’.

The circus will be non stop through national signing day. Stay Tuned.