Texas A&M

Why rub it in after A&M loss? That will only give them extra incentive when they play the Hogs. I just don’t understand the thought process of some!!!

Rub it in on the field. It’s not the players it’s some fans.
Of course they can dish it out so they should be able to take it.

This thread has two posts…did I miss something? I haven’t seen anyone “rubbing it in” geeze we haven’t beaten A&M in 4 years and until we do there is nothing to say.

Unless you’re talking the SDS article, I haven’t seen any fans rubbing it in on A&M. The SDS article is ridiculous anyway because there was no taunting of A&M, it was a promotion to buy tickets and SDS took a hard turn from the intent to create controversy.

Not sure why anyone in Arkansas would say anything about A&M, what’s Sumlin like 3-0- 4-0 vs Bielema? Personally, I’d take Sumlin over Bielema, with a good D coordinator attached…

We can’t run it in. We had similar collapses in consecutive games last year with Missouri and WV.

TAMU game is looking like a loss about now