Technical question, I guess, for coaches, would be coaches,

or anyone who wants to take a shot at it.

Dan Enos addressed one of the failed attempts to score from inside the five yard line with this sentence.

“— Had a missed assignment on one goal-line play and the other was a structure issue, which is his fault.”

What is a structure issue? Obviously it’s something the QB is responsible for according to Enos.

I’m not a coach, nor do I play one on TV, but I thought he meant it was his fault, not the QB’s. But others can probably speak better to this.

My guess would be that he meant he didn’t have everyone in the correct starting position, right movement/routes, timing, etc. or all the above.

Yes, the QB should know where each player will be and if one is not in the correct formation or runs a wrong route, the play is doomed. Packed tightly close to the goal there is little time for adjustments, especially if a defensive guy runs free to the QB.

I think he clarified the statement by adding that he should have pulled the wide receiver into the formation as an additional blocker.

Enos has been ineffective with his play calling in the red zone and it has cost the teams wins last Texas A&M prime example.
The structure he made reference too was on the safety blitz. AA should have just ran the naked bootleg and he would have went in untouched.
QB sneak was not called and that surprised me.
I don’t see immediate improvement because it’s looks like Enos is stubborn.

What I have seen too often is that when we try and pound it in inside the 5 yard line we are bunched up and then everyone seems to block to the inside which just results in a log jam and there is no room for the backs to crease through a hole.
I would rather they spread things out more so that we don’t tip our hand so early that we are going to go with a power play while keeping our options open and spread out the defensive linemen and have more options at the line of scrimmage to audible into a positive play based on the defensive alignment.

Just my thoughts.

Go Hogs!

I am puzzled by the fact we did not utilize our tight end in the game more than we did. If TCU was pressing up field to stop the run, why did we not run off corner and throw underneath in the flats. I cannot believe our tight could not have mad their defensive secondary miserable. Running deep ball routes at guys who are just as fast or faster is probably not going to generate a great deal of offense. I do not understand if the issue is the lack of speed or the inability to utilize the position speed to its potential.