Anybody done any scouting on the Frogs? What might be the line on this one? Back in the old SWC days it seemed like it was always a gimme for the Hogs. But, it’s a different story now. WPS.

I can’t offer any in-depth, insider info on your TCU query, but I did happen to catch a preseason major college football assessment program on TV last night; I don’t remember the identify of the ranking source, but they ranked TCU in their Top Five (with LSU, Notre Dame and Michigan occupying their first 3 spots), and were making a concerted effort to emphasize the apparently far improved quality of the TCU defense in support of their evaluation.

Again, I have no personal inside knowledge pertinent to your question; I’m merely passing on second hand media assessments. I would love to hear from someone truly in the know in regard to the TCU challenge, also.

One small Vegas casino (South Point) has released early lines on what they called “big games” in the 2016 season. CBS Sports published a report on those lines. The Hogs / TCU game is included. On their line, TCU is listed as a 6 1/2 point home favorite. They also have the Hogs as a 1 1/2 point favorite against TX A&M. Here’s a link in case you want to peruse their posted lines. … all-games/

Not so much an analysis of TCU, but I am comfortable with the Hog’s position going in. If we don’t go in too tight, we actually have the upper hand. TCU has the hangover-hype from the Oregon come-from-behind victory from last year and I think they might be a little too over-confident. Arkansas has recruited about the same as TCU has the last several years and we both have lost a lot on offense. They have Hill at quarterback and we have the younger Allen brother. This will be a chance to develop some second half problem solving for all four coordinators. I think we are going in good and will come out even better!
We will see what we are made of.

Is Bumpass still the DC at TCU. If so, they will have a sound defense. :frowning:

The last time I saw us play TCU in Amon Carter was when Lou was coach and Ish Ordenez? kicked a last minute FG to win. I havenot been back there since. I assume the field has been altered and more seats added etc. I hope the traffic is a whole lot easier than it used to be.

We ran previews last month on all of the Razorbacks’ opponents. Here is the one on TCU, which includes links to all of the other previews: … enter-tcu/