TCU win proves hogs headed in the right direction

I’m new to this forum (one of the unwitting indictees from the changeover) but I’ve decided to try and make a go of it.
The bo mattingly article makes a valid point overall. You can’t deny the significance (at least for now) of an early season win at a respected program like TCU. But I take issue with two things he wrote. While the TT game last wasn’t what we expected, I distinctly remember a questionable push-off call on a fourth quarter TD pass to HH that lost the game for us. Is my rememberer broken? Second, I believe the pivotal game is still aTm. Has been for several years. Last Saturday’s win was great but lose to the Aggies again and it will reduced to a footnote IMHO. Not trying to rain on the parade but if we don’t the o-line fixed in a hurry, eventually it will cost us wins. Nevertheless …

I don’t think we have seen a good portion of the playbook yet. I mean there have been no passes to running backs out of the backfield and no screens. I say we will see more in the A&M game. HOGS YA’LL.