TCU predictions

My Prediction for TCU!

Game time ladies and gents!

Depth, depth, and more depth!

 Hogs will and should play to their strengths with the "ground n pound" ball control style football that will allow Austin Allen to manage the game while playing to his strengths when and only when he has to...keys to victory will be the running back depth, Play Action pass game, Special teams play, and athletic tight ends. All 4 keys will be huge factors in keeping TCU's offense off the field as well as our Quarterback off the turf. TCU likes to play fast and they will gain yardage with the passing game exposing our secondary all game long. Hogs are confident and matches each offensive score blow for blow with the hog's "3 headed-running-monster-machine" that will replicate some of coach BB's better offenses during his successful tenure with Wisconsin. This will be a Nationally televised home game throw down. It's sure to be a high-scoring-shoot-out-thriller of a game showcasing two very opposite style offensive teams. The outcome will be about which offense can wear the other team down.

Personally, I believe Austin Allen doesn’t have to out play himself and he throws an all most perfect well managed ball game… Two passing TDs and zero interceptions.

Final out come UA 54 TCU 49. Hog need a TD late in the 4th qtr to pull this one out… Who other than freshman sensation running back CHASE HAYDEN with the most perfect block i’ll have ever seen, giving Austin Allen just enough time to find wide a Open Tight End in the endzone for the 8 yard game winning touchdown pass leaving TCU only 39 seconds on the clock and down by 5…
Special teams comes through for the Hogs pinning the Horned Frogs Deep in their own territory. Time runs out and HOGS prevail with a huge Home win over a nationally ranked team. 2-0 start to the year, national exposure leading to being ranked #24th in the polls by Tuesday!

4 field goals in the game… special teams becoming a strength for Hogs!
4 Running TD’s 4 rbs combine for 372 yards… two 100 yard rushers emerge in this game!
2 Passing TD including game winning pass. 229 passing yards
Defense gets just enough stops! We need secondary help

Just a fun prediction I hope pans out. WPS


That is some stout koolaid ur drinking, but I like it!!! Lol

I am always respectful of Gary Patterson when I see TCU on TV, he is just a great coach.

I am always scared of Gary Patterson when he is coaching against our Razorbacks.

I think he will find a way to beat our secondary today, with his dual threat QB. With his QB’s running threat and our safeties crashing there will be opportunities over the top.

I definitely think the revenge factor will keep TCU motivated.

Just hope BB and his coaches bring their “A” game and pull this one out.

Definitely think game-day coaching decisions will play a huge part in the outcome of this game.

Hope I have to eat some crow!!!

Arkansas 37
TCU 31

Arkansas should be able to slow down the game, if they get long drives and finish them off with TD’S, they’ll be fine…

Wish I could agree and hope the hogs have a great game but I have doubts Allen will have the same 3TD success this year he did last year against Patterson’s defense. Patterson is the master of defensive adjustments. Don’t think for one minute he has not worked up a scheme to “prevent a repeat”. The O-line takes a lot of heat for Allen’s sacks but in reality he needs to make faster reads and quicker decisions then step up into the pocket to make the throw when pressured from the outside. He has 3.5-4 secs to make his decision and 5 secs to get rid of the ball tops, even if his decision is to safely throw it away. The O-line cannot be expected to hold anyone out longer than that. Especially with the speed rushers in the SEC.

Keeping it real, TCU turnovers and penalties saved us LY. We cannot depend on that this year. This game is also not a contest between the speed of the SEC vs. the speed of the Big12. We will lose if Kenny Hill gets out of control and this turns into a shootout between him and the “gamey & resourceful” but frustratingly inconsistent Allen. Hog D-backs must keep TCU receivers in front of them. If TCU’s receivers get behind our DB’s all they will see is the bottom of their cleats and touchdown celebrations. We win if we play Razorback football, control the line of scrimmage and show them our “big boyz” are better than their “big boyz”.

My thoughts…as flawed as they may be.

APPARENTLY my kool-aid was spiked…

I said run game would be dominant (insert fart noise)
I said special teams would be a strength (insert 2 fart noises)
I predicted big games from tight ends… in the 2nd qtr
I predicted a win… and a 10-2 season… (insert laughter)
We got spanked… by a more experienced smaller and quicker team… our speedy wide- receivers couldn’t get open all night… Austin Allen looks like the sophomore version of Brandon Allen… Offensive line play was so so… special teams is not played at Arkansas… I love my hogs but we were clearly outmatched… if the QB/WR game doesn’t sync up its going to be a very dismal season… our defense forgot how to tackle… granted TCU plays lower to the pads than any team we will face this season… no excuses… Kenny hill ate our lunch statistically as he has done for 3 seasons now at 2 different schools…

The answer… we need an sec caliber recruiting over haul on defense and offensive line… we need to play Cole kelly and let the future start now…