Take it to the Bank!

I can’t say for a surety, but it seems to me that if fans should happen to determine en masse to vote their pocketbooks, leaving large, gaping, vacant areas of stadium seating areas for Razorback football games, - - and initiating a 50%-60% slump in season ticket sales, - - that accommodation for the provoked and disillusioned fans would HAVE to be addressed by The Powers That Be.

I’m not advocating that; - I’m not a “rabble rouser”. - - But that only stands to reason.

Short of staying home, wearing all black to the game would send a message… Ie Hog Fans in Mourning

If all the fans at home games left at halftime, that could send a message. If the team is going to quit at halftime, then why not the fans.

Leaving games at halftime seems unecessary to me, I’m pretty sure they have the message. Leaving the game will hurt recruiting more than anything and that’s the very last thing this program needs. I’m sure they listen more to fans that voice their displeasure with the state of our program with civility than the knuckleheads who revert to name calling and vulgarity! WPS

I don’t know, hiring planes with banners seems to get their attention

That might work; then again the PTB might think it’s some kind of demonstration showing approval of those ugly-assed uniforms worn last Saturday night.

Please tell me how recruiting could be any worse than it’s been under Bret Bielema.

in case you missed it, those uniforms were voted best alternate uniforms in college football last year. you need only google it. The players (not just ours) love them. I don’t have an issue with them myself…The helmet didn’t really work for me but oh well.

Sure, You don’t get Agim, M.Brown,Curl,J. Jones,D. Whaley,J. Nance,C.Hayden…WPS

Sure you don’t get, Agim,M.Brown,C. Hayden,J.Jones,K.Curl,J.Nance.D.Whaley,R.Williams III …WPS

The players quiting at halftime hurts recruiting as well. Who wants to play for a team that gives up at the half?

Some wonderful players and I love everyone of them for choosing the Razorbacks. And there are a few more like Pulley and Ragnow, both now out for the year. There are certainly some quality players on the team but it amounts to, just not enough difference makers to elevate the Razorback football program.

There some in the media that believe BB’s recruiting classes have gotten worse each year here. With the 2013 class, being his best.

The one thing I’m not concerned about is recruiting. Recruiting this year is at or near to bottom of the SEC. Only 3 of the 11 are 4 star recruits so even if most decommit it doesn’t much matter since any good coach at Arkansas, even if hired in the Spring, can sign 11 player of similar ability. At the end of the recruiting season, there will be a couple of dozen 3 star player and several 4 star players available to SEC colleges that didn’t get accepted at their preferred colleges or that don’t want to red-shirted.