Sylvester Croom

The Razorbacks Running Backs have talent, have blocking, but they have never really exploded in a game. Maybe the Razorbacks should hire SLY to coach the RB’s, because these kids are not maxing out their abilities…They better quickly because they’re on the verge of not being drafted at all.

Boyd was leading the SEC in rushing but fell off vs Aub but is still third while playing behind an average line. He has 656 with five games left.

He should top 1,000.

Have Blocking?
What Razorback team are you watching?
McFadden, Jones and Hillis would all suffer behind this O-Line.

Go Hogs!

Boyd is doing just fine with his rushing of course a better Oline would help but he is done. Like Dudley mentioned he is 3rd in the SEC right now and will top the 1,000 yard mark!

So is rushing yards how Oline quality is measured?

What SEC team or quality team at all have they run well against? That’s right, 1 team, Kentucky, and Kentucky is worse than Arkansas. The Offensive Line is doing it’s job, they just are not busting through the holes. I could run for 100 yds against Kentucky.

Need to hire a real man to coach them boys up, too soft…

McFadden, Jones, and Hillis would have run for 300 yds against KY, and the Razorbacks would be 6-1 or 5-2 right now, and likely bowl eligible…

Didn’t Toledo run for 181 on KY?
GA 235?
SC 247?
Miss St 244?

Arkansas 183? Arkansas can’t run the ball against anyone that can play, that they have to man up against.

Put down that infernal cowbell ! :grimacing::grinning: