Diamond Hogs rout Miami (Ohio) 11-1 as Chad Spanberger goes deep and Eric Cole gets an inside-the-park homerun. Hog pitching allows only 2 runs in the series!

Just got finished watching the replay! Was out all day. I am so thrilled to see this team hit the diamond again. We were solid in every aspect of the game. Bryant is up next. A very talented team. Can’t wait!

When you throw strikes and not issue walks it helps! Solid defense! Plenty of run production and a few long balls. It was a great start to the season. Bryant may be good but we are pretty good too! The only way you improve is to play quality teams.
Hope we get to Omaha. WPS!!!

Absolutely Army, we have addressed our deficiencies from last year and should be right back into the thick of things this year. As for Bryant, they are a very solid group and have been in and out of the national rankings for the past few years. Their “ACE” Karinchak is a lights out hurler voted Preseason All-American, said to be a high draft pick in next years draft. Karinchak was voted National player of the week last week. He gave up 1 run on 2 hits, and struck out 12 in 5 innings of work…WOW!! They also have another solid day 2 starter in Theetge. The 2 combined to go 21-3 last year. This is going to be like a regional type atmosphere! Can’t wait!!! I am going to be able to catch the Hogs against LaTech next week on Tuesday night!

This happens a lot with Arkansas baseball, fans get excited early and by the second SEC series, they’re out of contention. Win an SEC championship, beat an LSU or FL, and then you have something to be proud of. Miami O isn’t exactly the other Miami. Win the SEC, and then you can celebrate. If it weren’t for track and field, Ark would have like one SEC Championship… (estimated) Arkansas needs to get an attitude of tired of being an also ran.

Jeff, your lack of Hogs baseball knowledge is staggering. Our baseball program is and has been a national power for almost 2 decades.


Hogs Breathe. We are lucky the baseball program is one of our most successful teams we have. What’s your thought of the new pitching coach?

Just saying, baseball in the SEC is undoubtedly the best conference in America. We win the SEC, and we will be in contention. Nothing else matters!!

Army, I could list all the stuff he is known for and his successes, but I will sum up Coach Wes by saying he will be a head coach in less than 4 years! He is a major hire for us!

Jeff, buddy, Hogs baseball has been in contention for the National title 4 times by making it to the CWS under DVH. Twice we finished 3rd in the nation. And we already have an SEC title under DVH. Until last year Arkansas had the longest post season streak in the SEC at 14 years. We should be nothing but proud of the Baseball program and our coaches.

Nope…We were co regular season Champions like 13 yrs ago, we’ve never won an SEC tournament championship, and we’ve never won a National Championship. Last yr we were terrible in all phases, and we haven’t beaten anyone this yr yet.
All that matters is winning the SEC, we do that, and we will be able to compete for a National Championship. Just because he’s a good ole boy, doesn’t make him exempt from critiquing.

We won the SEC in 2004. And we were the #1 seed in the SEC tourney. He is considered one of the best coaches in college baseball. Show me just one school in the SEC that has not had at least 1 down year an not make the NCAA tourney since 2001. Just one! Fact is you can’t cause Arkansas was the one school in the SEC to make it into the NCAA tourney every year until 2016. And yes DVH is way above been criticized by the likes of you… nuff said.

We didn’t win the SEC in 2004, without looking, mostly because college baseball stuff is more difficult to find. I’m almost certain we were co champs in 2004, and the #1 seed didn’t matter because, l KNOW FOR A FACT, WE DIDN’T WIN THE SEC TOURNAMENT… IF MA had a season like DVH’S last yr, I think winning like 7 conf games, you would have a stroke. I lost more honor, character, integrity, and decency, than 99% of you one sided, blind, hypocritical racists, combined…
And I have news for you, just the very fact that your egotistical and stupid enough to think you’re superior, makes you inferior mentally at the least.

And STFU, and perform, talk is cheap, if your so good, go out and prove it. I’ve never lost a fight out of over a hundred yet, to anyone who was talking smack, because I’d your talking, your trying to convince yourself. No one that knows their good has to squeak their own wheel.

If all you have to brag about after 14 yrs as a coach is one SEC West Championship 13 yrs ago, not an SEC Championship, an SEC West Championship. And you repeatedly start out seasons on fire, and then when you get a real fight, in the SEC, you repeatedly fold, then I know if that was my resume, in a world where it’s “what have you done for me lately,” I certainly wouldn’t be talking about how superior I was, like their was a National Championship banner hanging up at Baum or something. Do something, win an SEC TOURNAMENT. BEAT an LSU, FL, SC, VANDY, A&M, MISS ST. Get to Omaha and win it, then you can talk smack like you have FL, LSU, or SC’s history. You look ridiculous bragging about beating teams you should beat. Didn’t they win like 20 non conference games last yr also??? LOL…
Beat someone you’re not supposed to beat, then you can put an asterisk on your hero’s resume, that’s coaching…

Why is it important to win an SEC Tournament or SEC Championship? Omaha is the goal! First and foremost! Most coaches don’t like to burn up their arms in the SEC Tournament, although they have eased up on the format in recent years. Personally I just want them to get into the field and get to Omaha which they have done about once every 3-4 years since 2004. I believe I also read somewhere where we are 1 of only 4 schools to turn a profit from baseball. Is once every 4 years not enough?