It is unlikely that many of the kids think the way I do, but if I was a player, especially a senior who has worked my butt off and possibly played through injury, I might want to talk ugly with these kids whose actions impact the team, either in being a distraction or in the case of one being a starter in an area of serious need. One might take the attitude that we did not have great odds to win the game that apparently will constitute the suspension, but that is not the mentality I hope the kids hold. I would like to think, if this were last year that a Grant Morgan would have taken the opportunity for a heart to heart. Someone may have, so I do not know that it happened, but for instance Bumper Pool and Dorian Gerald and some others came back and have worked to help leave a positive mark on the program. I know it is easy to sit in judgement, but I do feel this is a bit of a disregard for ones team mates.

Personal issues and causing problems is not acceptable! The old baseball analogy may come into play 3 strikes and your out! This is Slusher and Brown’s first strike. This don’t surprise me but these are young men and they will make mistakes. This is an eye sore and can’t go unpunished.

I said earlier it was Sam’s decision in deciding what disciplinary action to take and he decided a one-game suspension for each was in order. That is not really a punishment for Brown since he is playing and while it is for Sulsher it is more of a punishment to the team since he is a starter. Heck, if he had targeted the Liberty QB he would be available at halftime. Pittman made his decision and I hope both he and Sulsher learn a lesson.

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