Super Sid on Finbaum show

Thought I would pass along that Arkansas & NBA Hall of Famer, Sidney Moncrief will be a guest on the Paul Finebaum show during the last hour of today’s telecast.
Can’t wait to see and hear from one of my childhood sports idols and a real class person.
Moncrief, Delph and Brewer are in my opinion the best three guards to play together for their “Home State Razorbacks” in the history of the program and possibly the best 3 guard attack that any team in the nation has ever put on the court at one time. That final four team was just a power forward and center away from a national championship, which was stated to me in person by Jack “Goose” Givens who was Tourney MVP that year from Kentucky.

These 3 Guards were all 6’4" tall and all had different strengths in their games.
It was a treat to see Marvin Delph enter the circle at the beginning of each game against the opponents 6"10-7’ center and most times win the tip. OMG, can you imagine how many points Delph and Brewer would have accumulated if the 3 point line existed during their playing days. Sidney was the leader tha locked down on the opponents best scorer. Remember how Sutton put him on Larry Bird in the second half in 1978 final four against Indiana State and he shut him down.

I was fortunate to see several games with the triplets in Little Rock at the old Barton Colisium.

How I long for Great days again with our Arkansas Razorbacks!

My memory may fail me but I believe the game with Indiana State was in the regional final in 1979. But I will never forget the turnaround J of Brewer that sank Notre Dame in the third-place game of the Final Four. I know it didn’t mean much after losing in the semi-finals but beating Notre Dame in any sport is good to me.

Correct. '79 regional final in Cincinnati. US Reed got tripped, no call, and some ISU scrub hit the ugliest shot in NCAA history at the buzzer to beat us. He had to, because Sid was not going to let the ball go to Bird.

Delph is my all time favorite. Bugs the h out of me that their three jerseys don’t hang together in the rafters.

Brewer’s shot was the last third place game ever in the dance. They should bring that back.

The triplets were awesome. If there would have been a three point line it would have been totally different. I believe Alan Zhan and Steve Shaw were on that team as well. We did lack a PF and a Big Center. They were a blast to watch.
It’s shameful that all three jerseys are not hanging at BWA in the rafters.
Those were the good ole days hope for a return soon!

I was there for the Kansas game…Arkansas won in a thriller.

Starting lineup was Steve Schall, Jimmy Counce, Ron “Boothead” Brewer, Marvin Delph, and Moncrief. I believe Chris Bennett, U.S. Reed, Michael Watley, Alan Zahn, and maybe Michael Young were also the squad. Great team from my youth. Still remember them knocking off David Greenwood and UCLA in the West Regional with I think Sid taking a really hard foul going in on a breakaway? Is that right?

I don’t remember all the details, but I remember the win against UCLA was gigantic for the program. Though UCLA was not what it had been, it was still UCLA. Had beaten Weber State to get against the Bruins. Lost to eventual champion Kentucky before rebounding to defeat Notre Dame, which had lost to Duke.