Matt I have notified contacts everyday this past three days about my login problems with no feedback. I have been a member of this board and have had a subscription to the newspaper since the early 70’s. I’m not going to call the tech support people. My intent is to cancel my subscription to the board and the newspaper. I can spend my my money on other options. Board needs to get its stuff in order

Who have you been attempting to contact? I receive the support emails and have not seen one come through from you.

Been going to contact on top bar assuming that goes to tech support. Sorry just real frustrated

I understand the frustration and apologize for the problem. I have given your email to our customer service team and asked them to contact you when the office opens tomorrow morning.

Same problem here. Have been on this board for 7-8 years and now it wont let me read anything on the message board. That’s the only reason I come here is for the inside information discussed there. Please fix soon!!!

I called the number that was listed below and they said they are trying to fix it. It’s been 3-4 days now and still nothing. I saw a post about Catalon and it kills me I can’t even read it

We think we have your account corrected, but it might take logging out and back in for the changes to take effect. If you still have trouble, please email or let me know.

I have asked customer service to check on your account.

Same for me, all I got was a long voice mail response telling me to clear my cache, etc. Don’t know what a cache is! This shoud be WHS responsibility!

I asked IT to check your account and you should be able to access everything now.

Thanks matt, seems to be working.

Seems to be resolved. Thankyou