Stupid questions fans ask before football season

I’ll start. Some doofus will ask how many wins?

Someone will ask if the game is televised?

Where is a good place to eat in Livermore, Colorado?

Gotta be more…

Yeah, that porkdiet guy is by far the worst. I put him on par with Mud and Slowbob

Has Slow Bob made his way here yet? Maybe someone should provide directions.

I think he is waiting for Dolly to leave Tibet, so he can follow him

Mud gave him directions to Columbia for the Misery game 2 years ago. Last we heard, SlowBob was a “guest” of some associates of a guy named Escobar. :o

Slowbob may be on a Slowboat to China?

Stay on topic folks.

Here are a couple more…

Does rain benefit us?

White helmets?

What will the uniforms look like?

Did they fix the clock?

When are we gonna stop playing in Little Rock

Why dont we play ASU?

Can you really compare Karl Barth to Søren Kierkegaard or is the question too existential?

I think, you know, the Hogs are good and everything, you know. What do you think Randy?

Are they going to switch back to Coke products? Jack, Evan, and Jim really would like to know the answer to this question.

This is awesome

Will Bama and LSU stumble?

Oklahoma to the SEC?

Where can I get a hotel for the game?

Do you want Gus to fail at Auburn?

Is the game on the internet?

Is espn bias against Arkansas?

Are Hog fans unrealistic homers, or passionate fans?

Do Eskimo lives matter?

How do I wash/clean my cache?

Not if you are a polar bear. :shock: