Still can't get into premium boards

I have been emailed today, and spoke to a lady by phone. Everyone concedes I am a paid subscriber, they tell me to clear my browser history. I cleared so thoroughly that I have had to reenter usernames and passwords to any site I am subscribed to. They all work, just not this site. I belong to a lot of sites, so I think I have a reasonable amount of aptitude in navigation of computer sites. Not this one though. This is a corn maze I can’t find my way out of, or in this case, find my way into. Still getting billed for it though, apparently.

Same here man. Keeps redirecting me to the forum list. At least on mobile it does.

Me too, and tried the same things.

Now, I missing everything that was at the top (like private message), except notification, and it’s now all alone on the left side. Another update?

I just took a screenshot of this board and sent it in, I hope that was okay. Trying to be patient here.

I’m just actually relieved not to be the only one…[size=150]…I’ve become quite frustrated watching this site essentially refresh itself instead of allowing access :cry: :cry:[/size]

I had this problem, start by going to Log In at the very top left of the screen. Has worked for me.

They got my issues fixed and had to be in record time for a weekend for sure.

If any of you are still having issues, please email