Still a proud Hog Fan!

Now that I’ve calmed down.(no negative comments on this thread please)

We still had a good season and I thank our seniors especially for putting in the best they could for this team, school, and state.

I wish the seniors the best of luck in their new chapter in life outside of school. I pray for nothing but happiness and success for you all.

To the guys remaining, I’ll be there next season watching you in the stands cheering you on like I always will.

To Coach Mike Anderson and the other coaches, I believe in you and know we will continue to have success in the future.


Rooting for mediocrity. You’re the best at that. Can’t even win a game against a mid major. That is so sad, given our resources.

Outside of the early exit from the Tournament these guys did about what I expected them to do and finished the SEC a game above .500 at 10-8.
I wish these guys would have been able to win a game or two in the Tournament to extend what the Hogs accomplished last season and have the appearance of upward momentum.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.
I believe that 99.9% of us on this site are or have been Razorback fans all of our lives as is the case with me at 52 years of age.
I to like Coach Mike Anderson, but at some point he needs to be able to prove that he can recruit, sign and develop a group of players that can win on the big stage.
So, my question to you is, what is it that you have seen that causes you to believe that Coach Anderson can get this program where most fans would like to have it be consistently.
I mean making the Tournament beats not making it, but is that as good as we should be able to expect while not making any noise once we get there?
Could you give us specific facts and details of what you feel were the key contributors to today’s result.
Do you believe our preparation could’ve been better, could there have been in game coaching decisions that may have put our guys in a better position to have success. I noticed we did get to the free throw line and actually shot a good percentage so I believe the game was officiated fairly and evenly for both teams.

I to would like to thank our seniors for playing hard most of the time this season and helping to at least getting us into the Tournament back to back years.
I wish all of them much success wherever the future leads them, they did give us some exciting games during their careers.

Go Hogs!

Mid major? Their in the Big East. Please stop commenting because it’s clear to everybody that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

To answer your question, yes, making the tournament consistently was the first big step in moving in the right direction. Yes, I would have loved to go further than today as well, but it is what it is. If you’re 52, then surely you’ve been around when fans were clamoring for years to make the tourney consistently again. We didn’t get that with Heath or Pelphrey, we now are doing it with Anderson. So that’s what’s giving me the hope of continued success. Yes, at some point, we must progress beyond just making it, but for RIGHT NOW, we are on course to being where we want to be.

I’d rather answer your second inquiry in another thread because I want this one to remain positive, though some are determined to be jerks.

General I agree. I wish those SR’s the best, and if Gafford leaves, I wish him the best too. I will be back watching and cheering next year as well.

I also agree, when Mike was hired everyone just wanted to get to the tourney consistently. It’s now happening. Now we can start working on the next step.

I’m not proud, we got beat by a team we were capable of beating today. And it will continue to happen if the rebounding problem continues to be an issue, and not addressed.

General, thanks for your comments. I and all Hog fans know rebounding and defending wide open three’s (especially from the corners) have to improve to go farther in the NCAA Tournament. I didn’t see the toughness of a Corliss or Cory in the Razorback’s defensive play this year. I’m always optimistic for the next year and hopeful that some toughness arrives with lots of ‘want to play tough defense’ in the next class of recruits. GHG!

Part of the comments are positive! I’m with the fans here about being proud of our hogs! I’ll be in the rootin’ section every year until the good Lord takes me out! My bags stay packed for that trip! For you negative folks I’d suggest you find humility in life.
Mike Anderson is a good man and a good coach. The talent will improve next year and we may have issues with youth next season but there won’t be a lack of talent. Crootin’ has improved.
After the loss yesterday the gears have changed to Baseball. Good win by the Diamond hogs last night over Kentucky.


Rooting for mediocrity. You’re the best at that. Can’t even win a game against a mid major. That is so sad, given our resources.

[/quote]Losing doesn’t mean we can’t win, nor does it imply that we wouldn’t usually win. It really doesn’t mean much of anything except we lost that particular game. When a #1 seed loses by 20 points to a #16 seed, it should be obvious that winning or losing for a particular game proves nothing.

Nobody likes losing and nobody is happy with the way the team lost. But remember, we were the underdogs going into the game. Butler was given a 62% chance of winning before the tip. That probably went up to 99% after the 21-2 start, and yet the Hogs scratched and clawed to gain the lead. Then fell apart to a good Big East team. Remember, in basketball, it’s not Power 5 conferences; the Big East makes it Power 6 conferences.