Steinmetz resignation

Based on Wally Hall’s op ed on Steinmetz’s resignation, he’s a mixed bag, but underscores the need to find a replacement that either knows a lot about sports, with great judgment/wisdom, or knows little or nothing and knows it so they will appoint committees to chose the A.D., if necessary, going forward.
why? He got it right with Yuracheck, and missed the mark with Julie Cromer and Morris, and his support of Long. Unfortunately, 50% is not good enough when making hiring decisions for the A.D. position of major Universities. Hopefully the Board of Trustees will include that as one of the considerations in hiring his replacement.

Hopefully one lesson learned from UofA athletics over the past 2 decades is to hire competent ADs & let them run the athletic depts & hire/retain the right coaches. Our BOT & Chancellor proved that they were incapable of understanding & managing UofA athletics. Our programs consequently struggled & a lot of money was wasted.

The difference between JL vs HY is night & day. Just hopeful that HY has some input in the hiring process for a new Chancellor & maintains a good working relationship. The last thing that we need is to run off HY with a difficult Chancellor & unravel all of the good that HY has done for Hog sports & for the UofA over his brief tenure.

Hunter won’t be involved with the hiring of the new Chancellor, unless there by chance is some past connection. We have several BOT that are both interested in academics and athletics, they’ll make sure the hire fits both, unlike this past one. We’ll more than likely name a “real” interim Chancellor and do a nationwide search, hopefully finding one that can identify with Arkansas.

Why wouldn’t there be input from HY as a Vice Chancellor? A major portion of alumni gifts for infrastructure/classrooms, endowment, & academic is a direct result of university athletics & with a need for a constructive relationship with the AD. Expect the search & hiring process to be lengthy & hopefully not complicated by the circumstances of Steinmetz’ departure.

Input, perhaps, any bearing on who is hired, extremely doubtful. You haven’t paid much attention to our BOT and their meddling in hires, have you? I doubt the Walton’s will ask Hunter who he prefers, they’ll have more input as our largest donors.

High school friend was daughter of ut-austin & Rice Univ. president & heard the stories so understand the politics of high level hires & meddling at the University level. Assume no different at UofA. Not sure who all are decision makers at UofA other than BOT & how much influence Walton, Tyson, J. Jones, or others will have. With so much transition & decisions on growth of UofA, will be an important hire.

Based on your apparent knowledge of the facts of Steinmetz departure, do you expect that will complicate the hiring process as that is publicly disclosed?

No, I don’t think it will have any bearing on a future hire.

Agree with Wally Hall’s op ed on where the U of A should go to hire the new Chancellor. But, would suggest the the Board solve the “Fulbright” problem so the new person doesn’t have to… They would start with half liking, half not liking. Not an enviable place to be.

Was it ever investigated & determined whether the Steinmetz photos were legitimate? Only public disclosure was from UofA spokesman, Rushing, who stated the photos were fake & photo-shopped.

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